• Industrial Floor Stand Metal Laser Marking Machine with PC

Industrial Floor Stand Metal Laser Marking Machine with PC

Model No.:BE-F20D

Introduction :

This metal fiber laser marking BE-F20D is Best Laser patent series,with ergonomic design and integrated control cabinet,bigger space for worker making operator comfortable .

Suitable for marking/printing thick and high materials or the personalized design as this model's power desigh and structure . software has already been installed and the parameter is settled before delivery. Once received, the fiber metal laser marking machine could work directly without data adjustment.

Industrial Floor Stand Metal Laser Marking Machine BE-F20D Feature

  • Offering excellent laser beam quality with the newest technology and adopts the high-quality fiber laser generator high-speed galvo system to enable stable laser output and high-quality laser mode.
  • Fiber Laser Source: 10W 20W 30W 50W (These Watts is optional) Max, Raycus Or IPG fiber laser source according to customer request.
  • Perfect laser beam and long lifetime 100,000 hours
  • Digital Galvanometer Scanner System High speed imported laser scanner system, marking speed up to 8,000mm/s
  • PC Display Holder:Z-axis can max adjust up reach 500~700mm high, especially suitable for marking/printing thick and high materials.
  • Control Switch :Including emergency stop, key switch, power switch, etc, convenient to identify, easy to operate.
  • Laser Marking Software:EZCAD marking software, the powerful editing function, easy to use, can mark QR, serials no., different logo.
  • Support DXF, PLT format graphs files.
  • With detailed English user manual for every step introduction.
  • Singapore Ronar-Smith F-theta lens:The image field height is almost directly proportional to the scan angle.
  • Typically, the Linearity F-theta distortion is kept less than 1% without software .correction to ensure minimal distortion.
  • High trans-missive AR coating is coated with the lens element surface to ensure minimal power loss and hence increase the throughput. Free from maintenance, long working life, small size, suitable for any working environment
  • Fast marking speed, 2-3 times faster than the traditional marking machine                          

Industrial Floor Stand Metal Laser Marking Machine BE-F20D Technical Data



Work Area (mm)


Laser Power


Laser Repetition Frequency

25KHz – 400KHz



Beam Quality M2


Min Line Width


Min Character


Marking Speed


Marking Depth


Repeat Precision


Power Supply


Gross Power


Laser Module Life


Cooling Style

Air Cooling

System Composition

Control System, Industrial Computer, Working Table

Working Environment

Clean and Dust Free

Operating Temperature



5% to 75% (Free of Condensed Water)


AC220V, 50HZ, 10Amp Stable Voltage


12 Months

Dimension (cm)


Weight (kg)


Industrial Floor Stand Metal Laser Marking Machine Application

This Floor Stand Metal Laser Marking Machine is widely used in mobile button, plastic transparent button, electronic parts, IC, tools, communication products, bathing products, tool accessories, glasses and watches, jewelry, button decoration for boxes and bags, cookers, stainless steel products and so on.

Fiber Laser Marking software system, it is allowed customers to mark series numbers, barcodes, 2D Data Matrix and graphics on the widest variety of materials, including most metal materials, and some nonmetal materials, such as plastic, ceramic,etc

Metal Laser Marking Machine Sample