• 3w 5w 7w 10w UV Laser Marker for Plastic Mark

3w 5w 7w 10w UV Laser Marker for Plastic Mark



The uv laser marking machine is more suitable for the marking plastic materials. The narrow pulse width shortens the material processing time, so the material avoids deformation or burning due to heat, has a smaller heat affected area and a more beautiful marking effect, our uv laser marking machine can meet the requirements of customers for higher marks.

Power :3w / 5w /7w /10w

3w 5w 7w 10w UV Laser Marker BE-U50A Features


1.High laser beam quality, tiny light spot, hyperfine marking, and the minimum character can up to 0.2mm.

2.355nm outgoing wavelength reduces the thermal effect on the workpiece; the heat affected zone will not bring about heat effect, material no deforming or burning.

3.In terms of appearance, the ultraviolet laser marking machine adopts closed processing for vertical sliding door design and adopts high-quality organic glass that is specially used for filtering protection as a dedicated observation window for excellent overall protection performance.

4.Automatic lifting, auto focusing, and rotating functions are optional.

5.Faster, better efficiency, high-precision.

6.No consumable material needed, and the low use and maintenance cost.

7.Stable performance ensures long-time running.

FAQ for UV laser marker machine :

1.What’s the difference between UV laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine ?

  • Different output wavelength : fiber laser marking machine’s wavelength is 1064 nm while UV laser model is with 355nm
  • Application :Fiber laser marking machine is mainly for metal marking and some nonmetal (except transparent materials ),while UV laser while uv laser marking machine is mainly for marking some composite materials like glass 、blue diamond、polymer、PCB and circuit board,etc. it can mark the materials that fiber laser marking machine can't achieve.


2.What’s the unique advantage for UV laser marker ?

UV laser marking machine adopting 355nm fiber laser device ,with fine laser beam,small focus point so can achieve super precision marking and engraving ,what's else as UV laser marking machine is cold processing so it doesn't bring any harm and burn to the marking materials .

Specially designed for Sensative Uneasymarked Objects and plastic materials (including polycarbonate, fiber glass ,ABS,HDPE,PUV,etc ) with good marking effect .


3.Does the UV laser marking machine do any harm to people health ?

As the wavelength is with 355nm so some client may worry about radiation ,actually the uv laser radiation is very small just like sun radiation, we have UV safety glass and full enclosed cover for you to choose if you are worried about .


4.What’s the laser device for UV laser marking machine ?

It adopt top China brand fiber laser device with 355nm.


5.What’s the difference between fiber laser marking machine , UV laser marking machine and Co2 Laser Marking machine ?

Fiber laser marking machine is mainly for metal materials marking

UV laser marking machine is mainly for composite materials and some materials fiber laser marker can’t achieve with fine laser beam

Co2 Laser Marking machine is mainly for non-metal materials marking like fabric, cloth,leather ,glass,etc


3w 5w 7w 10w UV Laser Marker BE-U50A Technical Data




Laser Power

3W, 5W , 10W (optional)

Laser Type

Nd: Yvo



Marking Area

50X50mm100X100mm (Optional)

Repeat Frequency


Min. Line Width


Marking Speed


Cooling Mode

Air Cooled or Water Cooled


AC 220V/50-60Hz

Gross Power


Environment Requirements

Temperature 15-30℃ /Humidity 20-80%

Production Origin

Made In China

3w 5w 10w UV Laser Marker BE-U50A Application


The UV laser marker Machine is applicable for marking on various kinds of plastic materials(PCB boards, phone chargers, camera covers, USB flash surface, caps, plastic bottles, plastic bags, ABS covers, Rubber etc), and glass materials(glass bottles, glass cups etc).

Demo Marking Samples

 Plastic USB cable Marking
   Glass Image Marking
 polyethylene expiry date marking
  Plastic Pipe Marking