• Indoor Outdoor Intelligent Industrial Large Wall Mural Printer

Indoor Outdoor Intelligent Industrial Large Wall Mural Printer

Model No.: BE-S25E

Brief Introduction :

In order to meet the different needs of different customers ,Best Laser develops new generation of industrial intelligent wall printer BE-S25E

The design of industrial wall mural printer use EMAS small industrial printing head(special design),high precision ,fast speed and durable.

It has a higher printing speed, can satisfy large-scale work for a long time, and is more stable in performance. And the standard printing width to 6M, more widely used.

Printing Resolution: Up To 1440dpi

Printing Height: 2.1M

Standard Machine Printing Width: 6m


Indoor Outdoor Intelligent Industrial Large Wall Mural Printer Features


1.The machine has good compatibility and widely use.It can print the picture (design) on any wall.

2.The wall printer is fast and low-cost. No need film. Any output software and document are supported.

3.There is a professional color management software.The color can change at any time and no need to pay extra cost.

4. Full color image can complete at once. The gradients of image will shows prefect.

5. You can master all of skills within 1 or 2 days. No need any professional knowledge.

6.The Wall Printer Machine is controlled by computer. Without plate and the need for an operator. Easy operation and maintenance.

7.High precision and perfect printing: The printer use special ink shows the image very lifelike. The final image is waterproof ,sunscreen and wear resistance.

8.The wall printer machine use closed and continuous ink system. You can add the ink conveniently.This design can avoid the dust into the system and can protect the ink of ejecting head flow fluency to minimize the print cost.

9.Meet the public demands for environmental protection and their healthy care. Unlike traditional decoration materials will release a lot of toxic gases, acrid smell lingering


FAQ: How to choose suitable wall printer machine for your works:


Q1- What is the difference between synthesis ink machine and water-based ink machine?

A: Water-based ink machine must print on wall where can absorb water, but synthesis ink machine can fit most of wall, and print on plastic paint painted wall Another, if use synthesis ink machine, that no need to protection layer after printed photo;

if use water-based ink machne, customer need to do protection layer for rain and UV


Q2- What is the life time of printing head?

A: You can use the printing head to printing on over 50000 Sqe. M after changing a new one.


Q3- What is the software it use?

A: The software is Wuhan  Best Laser-owned, it can run on windows XP, windows 7 and windows 8.


Q4- What kind of surface your machine can print?

A: Below are some of our offered surfaces that we are able to print on and provide engless possibilities....

Q5- What is the size of wall inkjet printer BE0S25E? What size photo it can print?

A: Standard machine width is 6M, height is 2.64M, can customize machine height between 2M to 3M.

Best Laser3D Wall Printer can print any height and width photo per photo joint or add extra lead rail.

Indoor Outdoor Industrial Large Wall Mural Printer Technical Datas


Intelligent Industrial Wall Mural Printing Machine BE-S25E


Aluminum-magnesium alloy, Frame structure

Control Way

Wireless touching screen

Nozzle type

EMAS small industrial nozzle (special design )

Sprinkler protection

Full-directional sprinkler protection fixing plate,

effectively reducing the printing head damage


synthetic pigment ink special designed for wall printing

The data transfer

Integrated head, telecommunication transmission

system with optical fiber data transfer

Surface tracking

Bi-curved BANNER sensor

Motor technology

Brush-less motor with no bar grating,

non- grating strip cleaning,free of maintenance

Feeder system

Automatic feed

Ink absorption Technology

Improved ink absorb-er, good sealing performance,

high efficiency of sprinkler cleaning,

less ink waste, strong adsorption capacity

Color Printing Technology

Adopt “VSDT variable ink-drop technology”,

high fault-tolerant feather technology,

more uniform picture, more delicate ink point

Memory Function

New interrupt patch function,

automatic remember the break point,

automatic recovery the starting position


Adjustable: High, Middle, Low

Painted resolution


720 x 300 dpi, 720 x 600 dpi,

720 x 1200 dpi, 720 x 2400 dpi


VL720 x 300 dpi, VL720 x 600 dpi,

VL720 x 1200 dpi, VL720 x 2400 dpi

Image type


Actual painted size

Height :2000mm , Width (could be extended)

Atlas type

The machine can store electronic files and external USB drives

Electricity Voltage

AC110V (90-132V) / AC220V

(180—264V) Alternating current, 47-63HZ

Inner power supply

lithium battery UPS back-up power

Can still work for 10 hours when power failure

(when battery is full-charged)

The power consumption

20W (no load) ,75W (general) , 250W (maximum)

Noise Level

Ready Mode 20dBA, Printing < 50dBA


-10℃ -60℃ (14 F-140 F)

10 -80% relative humidity with non - coagulated state



10%-80% relative humidity with non - coagulated state

Driving Programme 

Windows XP / Win7 / Win8 / Win9 / Win10

Main-board configuration

8 core CPU, 4GB DDR memory, USB 2.0 / 3.0 data interface

Machine language

Chinese, English (customize)


Green environmental certification, national standard test

(GB 18582-2001, GBT 9756-2001), CE certification

Printing Mode

Machine Speed

Speed ( M² /h )

      Indoor Wall Mode


18 M² /h


14 M² /h


10 M² /h

      Outdoor Wall Mode


6 M² /h


5 M² /h


4 M² /h

Dazzle colour pattern

Adding dazzle mode, greatly enhance color saturation

Equipment features

Machine Size 

Machine Body Package Size

Lead Rail Package Size 

















3d Outdoor Industrial Large Wall Mural Printer Application

Application : This kind of 3D vertical wall printing machine is suitable for a variety of special materials: painted inside and outside wall, wall putty, paint the walls, white porcelain, ceramic tile, walls, glass, paper, canvas, wall, colored glaze, shell powder, wall paint color tablets.

Demo Printing Sample from Best Laser Client