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New Function-Fiber Laser Marking Machine Helps Splitting Mobile Phone Screen

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Although the laser screen splitter has been on the market for a long time, we found that there is no article in the industry that fully introduces the automatic laser screen splitter.

The scattered content will only disturb people's mind, in order to help everyone better understanding of the laser screen splitter, it is time to introduce it in details!

First, the working principle:

The laser screen splitter melts the glue on the middle frame by penetrating the screen glass cover with a laser to achieve the degumming effect.
The high efficiency screen disassembly has solved the pain points of the mobile phone screen repair industry and greatly improved the competitiveness of the industry.

Second, technical characteristics:
1, optical induction auto focus, to achieve one-button automatic alignment.

2, built-in hundreds of data drawings, one-click import can be used.

3, comes with windows computer operating system and marking software, long-term free update drawings.

4, for Apple series, Huawei series, VIVO series, OPPO series and other mainstream mobile phones.

5, in addition to the detachable middle frame, apple back cover, you can also laser engraving, engraving photos, personalized patterns and so on.

6, accurate alignment fixture, the screen can be placed on the screen.

7, small size, light weight, ultra-quiet.

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