Metal Cutting Machinery

CNC metal laser cutter is mainly applied in sheet metal processing industry.Metal cut can be divided into fiber metal laser cutting machine,mix laser cutter machine,CNC plasma metal cutter.The feature of metal laser cutter machine is fast speed,high precision and efficiency,which has advantage in thin sheet metal cutting.

Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine

The fiber metal laser cutter is specially designed for cutting thin metal like stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, copper with high accuracy 0.001mm and speed 30m/min.Total machine with no consumables ,free of maintenance and lifetime can reach more than 10 years.


Mixed Cutting Laser Machine

The mixed laser cutter adopt mixed technology ,can be used for cutting 0-3mm metal materials and 0-30mm non-metal materials with high speed 20m/min, with dynamic auto-focus metal sheet laser cutting head for easy focusing function.