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Fiber Laser Deep Engraving on Metals
Fiber Laser Deep Engraving on Metals

Fiber Laser Deep Engraving on Metals

With the fiber laser technology widespread, people have more high requirements on the application. Except for surface processing, there are large demand for laser deep engraving in various industries, such as manufacturing, mold engraving, automobile, steel products marks, electronics, chips, jewelries, 3D carving, medical tools and so on. Laser deep engraving can create delicate and complex patterns, logo, codes, characters etc.

BST Laser’s 100W 200W fiber laser engraving machine are designed for the deep engraving demand. With wide application and affordable price, people are tend to choose the high power fiber laser engraving machine as it covers all kinds of surface marking and deep engraving applications.

So what features of this machine?

  1. High precision: Laser deep engraving can achieve very fine engraving effects and meet the needs of complex engraving processes.
  2. No pollution: Compared with traditional corrosion processes, no harmful substances are produced during the laser deep engraving process, which complies with environmental protection requirements.
  3. High flexibility: Laser deep engraving can easily cope with the engraving needs of different materials and shapes, including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, high-strength steel and other metal materials.
  4. Non-contact processing: Laser deep engraving is non-contact processing and will not cause physical damage to the product surface.
  5. Efficiency: Laser deep engraving is fast and can complete a large number of processing tasks in a short time.

In conclusion, fiber laser deep engraving is a good combination of high efficiency, environmental-friendly and high flexibility. With the continuous advancement of technology and the expansion of applications, the market prospects of laser deep engraving will become even more broader.


BST Laser are confident to provide professional solution for different deep engraving applications.

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