Stainless Steel is widely used in advertisement ,Electric Apparatus,motor-car industry etc .Clients need to cut them into various shapes to match whole production automaticlly.

Stainless Steel Cut by Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine
As the NWT and hot metal cutting machine fiber metal laser cutter, it has unique advantage of high precision ,fast speed ,free of maintenance ,no consumables. It’s the best choice for cutting stainless steel below 10mm

  • 500W 750w Stainless Steel Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

  • Middle Power 1000W Optic Metal Fiber Laser Cutter

  • Pipe Plate Fiber Laser Metal Cutting Machine for Sale

Stainless steel Laser Cutting: Factors that Affect the Process

The laser power is one of the most important factors, in the laser treatment of different materials, as well as SS Cutting. Also, a lower power laser beam is utilize when we want a greater cutting precision.

On the other hand, thicker and more durable materials require a higher powered laser beam. For example, an 8mm metal sheet requires at least 1000 watts to cut effectively.

Fiber Laser Cutting Stainless Steel Parameter


 Cutting machine watt 

 Max cutting thickness 

Stainless steel



Stainless steel



Stainless steel



Stainless steel



Stainless steel



Stainless steel



Stainless steel



Stainless Steel Cut by Mixed Cutting Laser Machine
With Germany imported technology ,it can be used for cutting metal and non-metal materials which mainly used in advertisement sign industry ,max stainless steel cutting thickness below 2mm

  • Economic Mixed Co2 Laser Cutting Machine For Metal, SS, Acrylic

  • 150w 180w Small Wood Steel Metal Nonmetal Co2 Laser Cutter

  • Big Scale Mixed Carbon Steel Acrylic Wood Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

  • 260w 300w Co2 Metal Nonmetal Laser Cutting Machine