Best Laser Company History of Develeopment

May 10, 2018

From 2005-2008 we are offering R&D service for Chinese Big Laser Company and Famous Controlling system like Leetro, RD, Cypcut, Raycus, etc.

From 2008 -2011 as the good market for laser machine, so Best Laser upper level administration leader decide to expand its business scale, selling laser parts like co2 laser tube, co2 laser power supply, laser focusing lens, laser reflector mirror, industrial laser chiller, laser protective safety goggle, Exhaust Dust and Smoke Blower, laser controllers, etc

From 2011-2014 as Best Laser’s professional and rich R&D experience and efficient laser parts, so Best Laser enters in laser machine field, producing whole machines like laser cutting machine, fiber laser cutting machine, laser flatbed cutting machine, laser marking machines, laser engraving machine, laser welding machine.

From 2014-2017 as high demand for advertising machines from our Clients, to offer a one-stop solution for our clients so we begin to develop advertising and printing machine like Channel letter bender, 3d deco wall printers, UV flatbed printing machines, etc.

All these products can be reflected on one of our official websites:

After several years of development, our customers’ demand for laser marking machine and laser engraving machine is becoming larger.

Best Laser made some slight transition, focusing more R&D strength and manufacturing on laser marking system and laser engraving system as well as laser printing & labeling system. Laser cutting machine system and laser welding machine, as well as laser components & spare parts, are still in our product lines, but the key focus is laser marking engraving machine system.


In the laser marking engraving system products line, they can be divided into several divisions as below:


1. Fiber laser marking engraving machine system: mainly used for metal materials marking engraving, some non-metals like plastic, wood also can be processed.


2. Co2 laser marking engraving machine system: mainly used for non-metal materials marking engraving, even cutting.


3. For example, paperboard, wood, ceramics, textile fabric, leather, plastic, daily consumers like vegetable date coding, egg date coding, etc. All kinds of non-metal can be marked & engraved.


4. UV laser marking engraving machine system: both suitable for metal and non-metal materials. And the laser precision is ultra-fine, also the cost is ultra-high.


5. 3D laser marking engraving machine system: mainly for the 3D autofocus marking engraving needs for curved items. With high standard workmanship requirements.


6. Laser printing & date Coding machine system: mainly matched with the auto-feeding or auto production lines for constant online laser printing or online laser date coding.


7. Customized laser marking engraving machine system: mainly for each specific industry’s laser marking engraving. For example, customized laser marking engraving system for led bulb’s socket marking engraving, this is specially custom for led bulb manufacturing industry; Customized laser system for beverage water bottle’s laser date coding, this is specially custom for the beverage industry. And so on.


As a professional manufacturer of laser machine system in Wuhan China for 12 years, Best Laser insists the principle “Do Sincere & High Tech Business” to serve our old and new customers, providing quality laser systems and lead an honest revolution. Never cheat customers. And devotes to becoming World Golden Supplier. We know this is a long run. Maybe we are slow, but we are steady forward step by step.

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