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In terms of reasons why you should choose BST LASER machinery,here we are more willing to share the personal purchasing experience from our global clients.As we always put offering reliable laser machine and client satisfaction at first place,our machine performance and service are highly praised by the worldwide clients .


Auto Laser Welding Machine

1. Perfect welding seam, and much much better than traditional welding machine. Welding smoothly and firmly. We are building a new factory and will add more units if working well.—Russia, Vova Boyko

2. Machine performs well. Laser welding gun very light and user-friendly. Our workers are quite satisfied with the machine. Thank you BST Laser!—US, Jose Hernandez

3. Very professional. This machine can do welding, cleaning and cutting. It really beyond our expectation. No need after polishing and sanding.The machine so amazing!—Canada, Stephanie Lunder

4. We use the machine to weld stainless steel. The welding speed is very fast. It can save 3 welders’ jobs and save us huge costs! Thanks for the new laser technology!—Australia, Pramod Mahato

5. We do a lot of study before purchasing. There are different choices on the market with different offers. Never use such a machine before, so at the beginning, we are a little bit worried, but finally found out BST is very professional and provides excellent after-sale service. Be rest assured to buy!—Spain, Ana Garcia

6. It is definitely faster than argon welding. The welding seam is exquisite and bears more pressure. Workers feel relaxed!—UAE, Mohammed Makki

7. Machine is the same as the seller’s description. Easy to use, no need much skills. Workers can operate the machine after 30 minutes of training. It is the right machine we require!—Korea, Choi yunje

Fiber Metal Laser Cutting Machine

1. My technician said the machine uses well. We use the machine to cut 6mm stainless steel and aluminum. The cutting is high-speed, and the cutting quality is better than plasma. We will start a new project soon and import more units!—Italy, Ermanno Cazzola

2. We purchased a 2000W fiber laser cutter from BST Laser and cut 5mm metal. The machine performs very well, so we received a lot of orders. Such a cool machine!—Indonesia, Surya Utama

3. Just received the machine! BST provides a full training and complete after-sale service to us. We are very satisfied. It is our first time to import machines from China. At the beginning we are a little bit worried, but now, BST gave us big confidence and support! 5 star recommmend!!—Vietnam, Diep Hoanganh

4. Machine body very stronger. We use the machine to cut thin stainless steel, so air compressor is necessary. Our old machine has stopped using now. The machine cuts very very fast. Just import the file into the software and cut automatically. Easy to use.:)—Hungary, Gyula Boros

5. We see BST machine in one factory, and cuts well. This May we ordered one set 1000w to test the quality. The machine body, performance, components..all are well known brands. It is really cost-effective! We will order more in future!—Thailand, Vittaya Jew

Fiber Laser Marking Machine

1. We have had some experience on the fiber laser engraving machine before. BST Laser’s machine really surprised us. The machine was received in good condition. Technician helped us set up the parameters well. Everything goes perfect!—Brazil, Comercial Carvalho Fernandes

2. Just received machine. The whole machine was packed in wood craftcase. Marking is very easy. Itcan mark whatever we want. Logo, characters, letters, signs, patterns…all supported. Customers like the customized marking!—Mexico, Eduardo Diaz

3. We are new to this marking machine. No experience. We have not thought the machine uses well, but after watching the training video manual, we tried to start. It is not as difficult as we imagine. Really like it.:)—Chile, Carlos villalobos

4. It marks well on our products, and be more experienced after some use. Stainless steel, aluminum, gold, silver, plastic..all materials mark. It is really multifunctional use. We receive orders everyday.:)—Ecuador, Wilson Lozada

5. Marking very clear. This machine really brings big convenience. After comparing some companies, we choose BST. The machine quality and service do not fail us down. We will order 2 more next year!—Australia, Kirsty Dayment

Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

1. Machine base is firm and no deformation. Our technician has checked all components. It is same as promised. BST Laser is reliable supplier. Machine quality, after-sale service, terms…are favorable for buyers. Suggested to buy!—Saudi Arabia, khaled alshammary

2. We purchased the BE-DK14090VT mode. The machine quality is much much better than we purchase from Shandong 2 years ago. BST Laser gave us good offers for the sample machine. Really helped us a lot. Thanks!—Egypt, mhmwd almsry

3. We resell machines in Brazil. BST Laser’s machine is quite different from others. The design and components are superior on the market, so we choose BST as our China partner. Machine price might be a little bit higher than Shandong machines, but customers benefit more!—Brazil, Rnbrito Lima

4. Just got the machine! It looks more stronger than the picture. Acrylic cutting really accurate. Machine setup well in factory. It saves much time and reduces risks. BST Laser gave us big support!—Germany, Pavel Steshenkov

5. My friend introduced BST to me. We are quite satisfied with the machine, especially the technical support. It solves big problem for us. Although it is a little bit expensive, but machine quality is better than others. Really like it.:)—Peru, Hector Eloy Beltran Gonzales

All above cases are just very small parts among our millions of clients,seeing is believing,just contact BST LASER as your laser cutter engraver marker welder solution expert! 

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