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Metal Laser Cut Projects

Case Brief Introduction

Laser metal cutting is an frequently used and widely applied cutting technology for industrial metal fabrication. Comparing with traditional way, laser cutting covers plenty of good features, such as high precision, fast speed, excellent cutting edge, no consumables and free of maintenance. Due to its high photoelectric conversion rate, laser cutting largely reduces the production cost and increase the cutting quality, so laser cutting technology is widely used in automobile manufacturing, aviation, metal crafts, kitchenware, medical parts, fitness equipment, advertising sign, metal fabrication, metal cabinet, mechanical parts etc.

From common metal stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, galvanized sheet to high-reflective metal aluminum brass, all different metals can be processed.It seems laser cutting far away from our life, but actually it is involved in all around. Just we do not notice. Let’s see how exactly it benefits us!

Laser Machinery Projects, Ideas and Applications

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