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Fiber Laser Cutting on Pipe Tube

As the fiber laser cutting machine widely used, except for metal plate cutting, metal pipe tube cutting demand largely increased.

Gym equipment, petrochemical, agricultural machinery, furniture, construction, construction machinery, food, hardware decoration, lighting, advertising industries all related to pipe tube cutting. Compared with metal plate cutting, metal pipe tube cutting require more advanced fiber laser mechanism.

Responding to the market trending of cutting profile and pipe tube, Here BST Laser self designed automatic loading pipe tube fiber laser cutting machine, adopting latest bus type controlling system, realizing supporting device and rotary chuck automatic control.


* Intelligent loading and unloading system

Material distribution, loading, seamless connection and follow-up support

* Automatic centering, zero tail material cutting

* Realize the hoisting and loading of the whole bundle of pipes

Easy to continue cutting

* Automatic loading/unloading transfer table

Saving loading and unloading costs and improving processing efficiency

* Three chucks and middle chuck can support double clamping and assist in correcting the deformation of small pipes

* It can meet various pipe cutting requirements such as round pipe, square pipe, rectangular pipe, oval pipe, steel profile etc.

* Wide range of applications, high degree of automation and good cutting effect

* This latest fully automatic three-chuck pipe cutting machine adopts an intelligent and efficient bus-type operation control system, latest pipe cutting software and professional nesting software, allowing you to use it conveniently and efficiently.

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