Fiber Metal Laser Cutter Processing Advantages

May 9, 2018

Fiber metal laser cutters offer several processing advantages compared to other cutting methods. Here are some of the key advantages:

  1. High Precision: Fiber metal laser cutters use a focused laser beam, which allows for extremely high precision cutting. The narrow laser beam produces fine cuts with minimal heat-affected zones, resulting in clean edges and tight tolerances.

  2. Versatility: Fiber lasers can cut a wide range of materials, including various metals (e.g., steel, aluminum, copper, brass), as well as non-metal materials like plastics and certain ceramics. This versatility makes fiber metal laser cutters suitable for a diverse range of industries and applications.

  3. Speed: Fiber laser cutting is a fast process, enabling high-speed cutting without compromising on quality. The rapid movement of the laser beam across the material significantly reduces processing time compared to traditional cutting methods.

  4. Cost-Effectiveness: While the initial investment in a fiber metal laser cutter may be higher than some other cutting technologies, the long-term operational costs are generally lower. Fiber lasers have high energy efficiency, consume less power, and require minimal maintenance, reducing overall production costs.

  5. Non-Contact Cutting: Fiber metal laser cutters are non-contact cutting systems, meaning the laser beam does not physically touch the material. This eliminates the need for tool changes and reduces wear and tear on cutting tools, resulting in longer machine lifespan and reduced tooling costs.

  6. Automation and Integration: Fiber laser cutting machines can be easily integrated into automated production lines, allowing for increased productivity and reduced labor costs. They can be programmed to perform complex cutting patterns and repetitive tasks efficiently.

  7. Minimal Material Wastage: The precise cutting capability of fiber lasers results in minimal material wastage, leading to cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

  8. Intricate Designs and Hole Drilling: Fiber metal laser cutters can create intricate designs and patterns with ease, making them ideal for cutting complex shapes. They can also perform hole drilling with high accuracy and consistency.

  9. Burr-Free Cutting: The non-contact nature of fiber laser cutting eliminates the formation of burrs, which are common in conventional mechanical cutting processes. This reduces the need for secondary finishing operations, saving time and resources.


(1) high precision, speed, narrow kerf, minimal heat-affected zone, cutting surface smooth burr.

(2) laser cutting head is not in contact with the surface of the material, do not scratch the workpiece.

(3) narrowest kerf, minimal heat affected zone, local deformation of the workpiece is extremely small, no mechanical deformation.

(4) processing is flexible, and can process any graphics, and also can cut pipes and other profiles.

(5) can be of any hardness steel, stainless steel, aluminum plate, alloy, and other materials cut without distortion.

(6)The fiber optic laser cutter adopts the world famous German fiber laser source and American imported laser cutting head & dynamic focus system, and fiber optic laser cutter can cut and punch different kinds of metal materials with high precision and high speed.

(7)Since the laser is transmitted by fiber, the fiber optic laser cutter doesn’t need maintenance and also doesn’t need to adjust the laser optical path at all. The fiber optic laser cutter greatly reduces the machines’ fault rate and prolongs the working life.

The fiber cutter machine has a large cutting area from 1.5M to 3M, and the laser cutter for metal can also meet the demands of various kinds of metal processing, any special size for fiber cut Best Laser can be customized based on your demand.

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