How much is a handheld fiber laser welding machine?

May 15, 2023

There are different fiber laser welding machines on market, at different prices from several thousands to dozen of thousands dollars.

It is very difficult to figure out which price is most suitable, because there are several reasons affect the price. Welcome you study.


1.The machine specification

There are a lot of different parts on the machine, such as laser source, laser gun, chiller, controller…

The parts’ brand, model No., and functions difference will cause the production cost and using experience different.

For example, for laser welding gun, there are 40+ different brands on market. Functions divide into double swing, 3 in 1 multifunctional, single swing…high configuration model and entry-level model…

Price has big difference. High quality laser welding gun cost is even 2-3 times than the entry-level type!


Generally there are 1000W, 1500W, 2000W, 3000W

Different power, the price big different

Power bigger, price higher


3.Company credit

Fiber laser welding machine is very hot on market, so lots of new companies enter in.

But actually these companies not built for long-term development, but just for making short time fast money. 

They may offer very very cheap price, but once customer buy their machine, it is hard to say if they still reply when customer need any after-sale service.



Fiber laser welding machine seems easy, or some people may think just assemble the parts together, and no need much technical skills, actually it is too naive to think like this.

We know the machinery is made of hundreds of parts. Even one small part not working well, the whole machine will not work.

So, experienced technician team not only care on the big part, but also focus on the small part to eliminate the hidden risks for customers. 

Sometimes, one small part not working well causing big losses, even causing the whole machine broken down!

Strict QC ensure the machine working perfectly and no errors coming to affect customer’s production efficiency.



We know the machine price related to the parts.

While, there are a lot of second hand parts or fake parts on market, at lest price, but the machine’s lifespan, using experience, operation cost…all hidden risks.

If not care about this, it is very easy to lose money on the purchasing.


6.Laser technology

Fiber laser welding machine has water cooling model and air cooling model.

Water cooling is classic model, and air cooling is new technology, so air cooling is higher even for same power.

Air cooling machine is smaller and compact size.


7.After-sale service

For machinery, it is very difficult for common people to solve if facing any problem during operation or maintenance, because it needs much skills.

If improper operation without technical guide, it may cause serious losses.

Some suppliers do not consider on the service, but just sell the machines, so they offer very low price, and also do not provide any after-sale service.

Complete after-sale service can ensure fast response once you need, and not affect customer’s working efficiency!


Welcome you study and compare on these all. BST Laser would like to provide professional solution on your welding requirements!

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