BST Global Service: Technicians Go to Australia for Installation and Training

June 7, 2024

In order to ensure that overseas customers’ equipment can be installed smoothly and operate efficiently, recently BST Laser dispatches professional engineers abroad to provide on-site installation and training services to Australian customers.

BST Global Service

Australian customers purchased 2 big scale fiber laser cutting machines(full enclosure exchange table fiber laser cutting machine and automatic loading pipe tube fiber laser cutting machine). The engineer successfully installed the equipment and enabled the customer to master the equipment operation and maintenance skills through on-site training.

The professional service and professionalism of the engineering team have been highly recognized and praised by customers. Customers stated that the on-site installation and training services of the engineering team not only improved the operating efficiency of the equipment, but also enhanced their confidence and satisfaction with the equipment.

BST Laser team will continue to provide best service and high quality machinery for global customers!

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