Warmly Welcome Iraq Customer’s Inspection to BST Laser

May 29, 2023

Warmly welcome Iraq customer come to China and visiting BST Laser. Along with BST Laser’s fast development and increasing market, we have absorbed customers home and aboard visiting and inspection.

This March, Iraq customer travelled from far away and inspected our high quality laser machines on, professional technical team and complete after-sale service on site. Handheld fiber laser welding machine has been a poluparity, because it is replacing the traditional welding machine due to its advantages. Fiber laser welding speed 4 times than arc welding, high precision welding, no raised spot, no need after-treatment, and easy to use, no need welding certificates.


It is the first time for our Iraq customer to test the machine. After 10 minutes study, he can operate the machine and make beautiful welds, no need much skills. As so satisfied with the machine quality and service, Iraq customer placed order on site, and decided to try 1 set at beginning, and looking forward long-term business relationship.

The new emerging of fiber laser welding machine has changed the welding industry. In the past, people have to use traditional argon arc welding or electric welding, bearing the lots of disadvantages, such as strong UV rays harmful for eyes, complicated post-treatment, deformation for base metals, difficult operation, big expense for professional welders…

Fiber laser welding machine is considered to be the killer of electric welding and argon arc welding. Fiber Laser welding offers a fast, economical and contact-free alternative for welding a wide variety of metals in virtually every industry. Whether you require high processing speed, complex weld geometries or multi-layer joints, BST handheld fiber laser welding machine provides unique solutions for a diverse range of welding applications.

Foreign customer’s visiting enhance the communication between each other, and have a lot of good suggestion for BST Laser’s development. We will keep on improving our products and provide fullfilled service to global customers!

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