Why Armenia Customer Choose Best Laser’s 500w 3013 Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

August 16, 2019

Why Armenia Customer Choose Best Laser’s BE-FM1325 500W Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?


Today we are very pleased to receive Armenia customer good comments, who buy the machine for cutting 3mm carbon steel, that Best Laser’s 500W BE-FM500-3013 fiber laser cutting machine works smoothly and helps do a lot of jobs since purchasing the machine in March 2019. BE-FM500-3013 is an excellent machine that deserves investment and Best Laser is a company that deserves trust.

Armenia customer’s company Metallaser helps do metal processing and cutting, such as stainless steel, carbon steel, iron, and other metal sheet plates. With fiber laser’s high precision cutting and fast speed, the end customers are quite satisfied with their working efficiency. Now his business grows very fast, and have won more business chances! We have witnessed him growing up and are very happy that Best Laser’s machine helps.

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Why Customers Choose the Best Laser Fiber Laser Cutting Machine?

1>The machines are guaranteed original and genuine and meet the national industry quality standards. The spare parts used are all from well-known brands, with a lifetime of over 10 years, stable quality, and durability.

2>Guarantee to provide products complied with the contract requirements. Orders production are strictly in accordance with the contract and will not reduce the quality requirements.

3>Our company has strict production processes and quality inspection standards. All products must pass the 48-hour running test and 72-hour life test before leaving the factory, ensuring maintenance-free.

4>All equipment is assembled by experienced professional engineers to ensure crafts and details.

5>The warranty period is 3 years. If there are any problems during the warranty period (non-human), our company is responsible for free maintenance. If you need to replace spare parts, our company will provide it to customers free of charge. If beyond the warranty period, we are responsible for free testing and repair. If parts are to be replaced, the cost of parts will be charged as appropriate.

6>Software free upgrades

7>Customer survey at least twice per year Many thanks for customers choosing our fiber laser cutting machine! Best Laser has always been making 100% efforts to provide better machines and better service. We cherish every customer and are responsible for each customer. Welcome global customers collaborate with us to reach a double win!

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