Why is the price difference between the metal laser marking machine so big?

May 9, 2018

Now it exists different levels of suppliers (manufacturer, trading company, family workshop, small company, big company, etc ) and different qualities (high configuration, low configuration, bad quality, good quality, etc ). That makes clients very hard to choose the supplier during metal fiber laser equipment purchasing, clients need to evaluate the supplier from factors:

* Configuration

* Design

* Components

* Application

* Service & Guarantee

1. Key parts: fiber laser marker is a laser device.

Now the most reliable brand is the original IPG/Raycus/MAX/JPT which has a security code on them and you can check on the official website, but to save costs so many Chinese suppliers adopt copy or non-famous brands, pls attention to that.

2. Galvanometer Scanning Head:

The scanning head decides the marking speed and precision, Best Laser adopt is the Top China Brand Digital Scanning Head.

We also offer imported brand like CTI and Scanlab based on your marking demand.

3. Lens

Deciding the high transmissivity which makes sure high precision marking and good laser beam output. Best Laser adopts the original imported Singapore imported wavelength brand.

4. Control Card:

Now for our fiber laser marker, we adopt the original JCZ control card which supports Win10 /Win8/Win7/XP (both 64 and 32 bit )and power controlling system Ezcad, while many suppliers adopt Copy JCZ card (just support XP and Win7 (32 bit) or some other non-famous brand.

5. Assembling Technical Level

Even for the same machine different engineers’ installations has a different effect, our engineers are professional CNC controlling major who has rich technical experience which makes sure the finished machine is stable and high in performance, with zero failure rate and no troubleshooting as our production concept.

6. Guarantee and Service :

We have a 3-year guarantee for machine counting from the date arrived, client satisfaction and good quality are our company’s culture.

Best Laser is your Best Fiber Laser Marking Machine Supplier.

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