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Benefits of Co2 Laser Marking on Wood

Benefits of Co2 Laser Marking on Wood

Traditional wood crafts are hand-carved, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive, and requires workers to have high requirements such as superb craftsmanship and artistic sense, so the development of the wood crafts industry is particularly slow. With the Co2 laser marking technology, wood laser marking has been widely used, which helps wood industry developing.

If engraving or marking on wood, Co2 laser marking machine is perfect choice, which can engrave LOGO trademarks, text patterns, two-dimensional codes, serial numbers, and anti-counterfeiting codes on wood, bamboo, leather, and silicone etc.

No need ink and only need to be powered on; The engraving speed is fast, and the operation is simple. Engraving a QR code or LOGO trademark can be completed in 1-5 seconds.

Why can CO2 laser marking machine engrave wood? Because the wavelength of the CO2 laser can be well absorbed by wood, which resulting in good engraving on wood.

If just simply mark or engrave on the wood, then 10W to 100W will do. If you want to make large-format, thick graphics, then you need to choose high-power CO2 laser, it is recommended to be 200W power. Therefore, CO2 wood laser marking is a time-saving, cost-saving and high-quality production choice, which can overcome the shortcomings of wood engraving and engrave vivid patterns!

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