Co2 Letter Logo Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine

June 25, 2018

How to Choose Most Suitable Acrylic Laser Cutting Machine?


The CO2 laser engraving cutting machine is widely used in the logo process industry. Most manufacturers have high requirements for the acrylic logo-cutting effect. Here we talked about the CO2 acrylic logo laser-cutting machine.

Demo Acrylic Laser Engraving Cutting Sample:

For most acrylic logo manufacturers, They are focused on the logo product quality and the machine cutting speed. The acrylic logo has lots of sharp corners, the CNC router can’t cut perfectly. As for the CO2 acrylic laser cutting machine, the cutting edge is very smooth. The max thickness is up to 30mm.No need to polish again. You can design the logo that you want to cut and then typesetting, saving working time and material costs.

You can also engrave words on the acrylic surface first and then cut it. The working area can be 900*600mm, 1300 mm*900 mm, 1600 mm*1000 mm, and 2500mm*1300mm, you can tell us your acrylic thickness and size, and we will recommend you a suitable configuration.

We have lots of pictures and videos, if you want to know more specifications about the CO2 acrylic logo laser cutting machine, just feel free to contact us. We will show you all information.


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