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Fiber Laser Cut Aluminum and Copper

Fiber Laser Cut Aluminum and Copper

Aluminum and copper products are widely seen in our daily use, but how the aluminum copper products be made?
What kind of process in metal fabrication? You might be curious.
Aluminum and Copper are high reflective metals, which not easily been cut by laser, but our BST advanced fiber laser cutting machine can cut it without any difficulty!


Fiber laser cutting machine adopts advanced high power fiber laser source as generator to realize high precision cutting. When do aluminum cutting, there are some tips:

  1. Paint the aluminum/copper surface black to reduce the reflectivity.
  2. Choose bigger power fiber laser under your budget, such as 3000W cut 8mm aluminum and 6000W cut 16mm aluminum. Bigger power, cutting effect better.
  3. Adjust to suitable cutting parameters, such as focus, speed, output power, pressure and so on. Do several tests to find the most suitable parameters.

Choose N2 as auxiliary gas to avoid oxidation.


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