Introduction of China’s Top Laser Welding Machine

March 11, 2023

Wuhan BST Multifunctional 1000W 1500W Automated Laser Welding Machine is a new generation laser system developed by our company. It is a multifunctional laser welding machine with powerful functions. The machine has the advantages of high efficiency, high stability, high power, and low noise.

It is mainly used for welding different kinds of plates, sheets, and profiles. Along with the development of China’s industry, there are many kinds of steel plates and profiles of different sizes in the market.laser welding machine.

Laser Welding Machine – Benefits and Features

A Laser Welding Machine is a new type of welding equipment, which is based on laser technology. It has high precision, high efficiency, and good performance, so it has become a hot spot in the field of laser.

The basic principle of laser welding is to control the position of the laser beam to realize the actual welding point of the two parts, while laser welding can achieve welding with high precision, small size, and low cost. At present, laser welding is mainly used in the field of microelectronics, semiconductor devices, and other industries.

Benefits of Wuhan BST Multifunctional 1000W 1500W Automated Laser Welding Machine:

  1. High precision: The principle of laser welding is to control the position of the laser beam to realize actual welding points between two parts. This can achieve high precision small size and low cost.
  2. Small size:Compared with traditional mechanical or thermal methods, such as soldering and brazing, etc., it has advantages such as small size and light weight; It can be used for both large-scale production or mass production;
  3. High efficiency:Because it does not require any auxiliary heating source such as an electric arc or flame, it saves energy consumption; It needs only one operator instead of several operators required by other methods such as soldering or brazing

Features of Wuhan BST Multifunctional 1000W 1500W Automated Laser Welding Machine:

1, This laser welding machine can be applied to a wide range of materials with different thicknesses and coatings, thus greatly improving its applicability.

2, The heat dissipation is good and a large refrigeration system is not required. The conversion efficiency, low threshold, and good beam quality make it suitable for many applications including high brightness and high average power.

3, A continuous laser fiber optic welding machine uses an integrated design to protect the safety of the operator and the environment, and it can work normally under various conditions.

How Does The Laser Welding Machine Work?

The is a high-tech device that is used to join metal parts with high precision and efficiency. The laser beam is used to melt the metal surface which results in their fusion with each other. This process is called laser welding or laser brazing.

laser welding machine

The is used to weld the metal materials by means of the laser beam. The laser beam is generated by a laser diode. The laser beam is focused into a very small spot, which has a high temperature and can melt the metal to achieve welding.

The principle of work is simple: when the metal surface is irradiated by the laser beam, it will be heated up and melted, so that the two pieces of metal can be connected together. If you want to know more about this machine, please feel free to contact Wuhan BST!

The main components of the laser welder are as follows:

Laser tube – it produces a high-power beam of light that is focused by lenses and mirrors to form a narrow, high-energy beam. The beam passes through the material being cut or melted and creates a small area that melts when heated by this concentrated light.

Controller – it feeds power to the laser tube according to programmed instructions, monitors its operation, and adjusts mirrors and lenses to keep the beam focused on its target.

Worktable – it holds workpieces at a fixed position during cutting or brazing operations, and moves them towards and away from each other during joining operations. It also has a special mechanism for holding moving parts together until they are joined by the laser beam.

Welding Tools The Difference Between Laser And Traditional Welding

The biggest difference between traditional welding and laser welding is the time it takes to complete a project.

Traditional welding takes a long time because each weld must be made manually by an operator who has training in this field.

Laser welding uses automated machines that allow workers to focus on other tasks while the machine does all of the work for them.

This eliminates mistakes and allows projects to be completed more quickly than they would be if they were done by hand with traditional methods.

Helpful Tips for Buying a Laser Welding Machine

  1. Choose the laser power according to your requirements.
  2. Choose the laser wavelength according to the material of your workpiece and its structure.
  3. Choose the scan head according to the size of your workpiece and its structure.
  4. Choose a stable temperature control system so that it can reduce the temperature fluctuation during the laser welding process, which can reduce the influence of thermal expansion mismatch on weld quality and increase welding speed.
  5. Choose a stable power supply system so that it can provide a stable power source for the laser welding machine and improve welding quality.
  6. Choose a high-quality cooling system so as to avoid damage caused by high temperatures in the welded area during the laser welding process.

Wuhan BST for Sale

Wuhan BST Laser Welding Machine is mainly used for spot welding and seam welding, which is widely used in the automobile and electrical industry. BST Laser Welding Machine can be customized according to the requirements of customers, such as power, laser wavelength, cutting length, welding width, etc.

The Wuhan BST Automated Laser Welding Machine has advantages like high efficiency, good quality, and low cost. It is widely used in the automotive industry and other industries such as communication equipment and electrical appliances.

Concluding Remarks

China’s top laser welding machine, Wuhan BST’s multifunctional 1000W 1500W automated laser welding machine is designed and manufactured by Wuhan BST, a professional manufacturer of the Chinese laser machine. The machine is based on the latest technology and has been widely used in many industries, such as automobile, shipbuilding, petrochemical industry, and so on.

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