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Gold Silver Jewelry Spot Welding Machine
China Supply Gold Silver Jewelry Spot Welding Machine Price
China Supply Gold Silver Jewelry Spot Welding Machine Price
jewelry spot welding machine
Gold Silver Jewelry Spot Welding Machine
China Supply Gold Silver Jewelry Spot Welding Machine Price
China Supply Gold Silver Jewelry Spot Welding Machine Price
jewelry spot welding machine

China Supply Gold Silver Jewelry Spot Welding Machine Price

Category Auto Laser Welding Machine
Model No. BE-W200F
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Price Range US$3500-US$3999/set
Payment Term T/T Bank Transfer, Western Union, Paypal, Alibaba Trade Assurance
Leading Time 7-15 Days
Shipping Air/Sea/Train/Truck
Warranty Period Two Years with Lifelong Free Service

Gold and silver jewelry spot welding machines are a vital tool for any jewelry maker. These machines provide an efficient and effective way to join metal pieces together, allowing for a wide range of designs and styles. They offer a number of benefits, including increased strength, stability, and precision.  This machine is capable of welding gold and silver pieces of jewelry at a faster rate than traditional methods, as well as providing precise and accurate results.

Investing in a gold silver jewelry spot welding machine can be a great way to save money and time when crafting jewelry. Not only can spot welding make the process of creating jewelry faster and easier, but there are also a variety of other benefits that come with owning one of these machines.

Good Features

  • It features a continuous operating capacity of 24 hours and a low power usage.
  • On the basis of a 10x microscope, a CCD monitoring system can be incorporated.
  • The heat affected zone is minimal, and the size of the welding area can be modified at whim.
  • The welding points are flat and elegant.
  • The display screen is a 7-inch LED screen that supports Chinese, English, Russian, Spanish, and other languages, as well as an air blowing protective device.
  • It can give tailored, individualized services.


Parts Introduction

Controlling Screen


  • It uses a built-in controlling system with a touch screen to ensure great sensitivity and easy parameter configuration.
  • Users can configure many settings (current, frequency, pulse, etc.) based on the material. Parameters can be saved.
Spot Welding Machine (2)

Observation Microscope

  • It employs a high-precision (10X) microscope from China, allowing for precise positioning and welding.
  • The operator can plainly watch the welding process, ensuring high accuracy welding.
Spot Welding Machine (3)

Gas Pipe

  • To achieve clean welding, Argon gas must be blown over the welding surface.
  • The gas blowing direction should be adjusted according to the welding position.
Spot Welding Machine (4)

LED Lights

  • The brightness of the led lights can be adjusted by the operator to ensure eye comfort.
  • High brightness, long lifespan, energy savings, and simple installation.
Spot Welding Machine (5)

Working Table

  • It has a large inner working space that allows for a flexible angle of human hands.
  • It is practical to store tools or fittings within.
Spot Welding Machine (6)

Built-in Water Cooling System

  • Installed with a top China brand constant temperature industrial water cooling system that can automatically regulate the temperature.
  • Integrated design that saves the customer space and shipping fees.


Gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel, titanium, and other metals and alloys are used in welding. It is commonly used to repair holes in gold and silver ornaments, rings, pendants, bracelets, and necklaces, to spot weld sand holes, to patch seam lines, and to weld the claw corners of inlaid pieces, among other things. It can also be used to fix sand holes in dentures as well as to weld small and precise pieces (such as battery nickel strips, inherited circuit leads, watch hairsprings, picture tubes, electron gun assemblies, etc.).

Jewelry spot welding machines are essential tools for jewelry makers and craftsmen. Spot welders make it possible to join pieces of metal together securely and quickly. They provide an efficient and reliable way of connecting components in jewelry making, both in terms of strength and aesthetics.


Model BE-W200F
Power 200w
Wavelength 1064nm
Power Consumption 3KW
Pulse Energy 100J
Laser Focus 110mm
Pulse Frequency ≤0.1-20Hz
Pulse Width ≤15ms
Protection Gas Single
Voltage 220V/110V
Observation System Microscope 10X or CCD camera
Cooling Inner Water Cooled
Controls Touch Screen or Joystick
Language Chinese/English
Protective Gas Argon
Dimension 1.23*1.08*0.59M
Net Weight 180kgs

Package and Shipment

Model Package Size Gross Weight
BE-W200F 1.34M×1.14M×0.63M, 0.96CBM 200KG
Spot Welding Machine (8) Jewelry Repair Machine (13) Spot Welding Machine (7)
Inside layer is covered by thickening plastic bag and foam for waterproof. Middle Layer wrapped by thick sponge foam to avoid shaking on the way. Outer layer packed by professional export thick wood craftcase.
  • Carlos enrique mejia boer

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Mexico

    The welding seam is quite attractive, and it can repair various types of damage. Very helpful!

  • Alexandr Perkanuk

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Russian Federation

    Welded flawlessly. It can fix a variety of jewelry. Everything is running smoothly.

  • talleresvisocar limens

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Spain

    The result is really pleasing, and the welding seam is very thin.

  • M van Steen

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Netherlands

    It is really potent. Thank you for your patience in explaining, and we look forward to future use.

  • Danilo Jovetta

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Brazil

    BST was recommended to me by a friend for gold and silver jewelry processing. Laser welding is ideal for jewelry processing because of its low cost.

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