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Co2 Laser Marking Machine Application on Production Line

Co2 Laser Marking Machine Application on Production Line

Nowadays, many industries are using laser marking machines to mark codes, logo, patterns, etc. But when it comes to laser marking machines, many people may not know it very well. If we observe carefully, actually a lot of items are related to laser marking machines. For example, the date code on mineral water bottles, beverage bottles, wine bottles, food packaging bags and cosmetic packaging boxes, are marked by the online flying co2 laser marking machine.

The online flying co2 laser marking machine is an industrial automation equipment equipped with an assembly line. It does not require manual operation, and the production capacity is several times than common laser marking machine. The desktop laser marking machine belongs to semi-automatic marking and requires manual work. Place the workpiece, take it down and place the next one after the processing is completed. This operation mode will waste time and is more suitable for industries with small output.

The flying dynamic marking of the online flying laser marking machine means that there is no work table, and a more flexible way can be used to mark the product surface in 360 degrees, or it can be assembled on the moving line and rotated with the crawler to achieve product marking.

Non-metallic co2 laser marking machine uses high quality CO2 laser to enhance stability and laser life; high reliability, maintenance-free, no need for chillers, complete air cooling, easy operation; excellent optical quality, high precision, suitable for fine work, suitable for most non-metallic materials; good beam quality, high electro-optical conversion rate, fast processing speed, no consumables, basically no maintenance, long service life. Small size, suitable for working in harsh environments.


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