Laser Engraving Machine – A Complete Buyer’s Guide

January 10, 2023

What Is Laser Marking Machine?

Laser marking is the process of applying a permanent, legible mark to a product or material via the use of a high-powered laser beam. The process uses a two-step process where the material is first etched (or burned) with the laser, then filled with ink or paint to create a permanent mark. Laser marking can be done on almost any surface including metal, plastic, glass, rubber, and even textiles.

A laser marking machine is an essential tool for industries that need to mark their products. In the market today, there are different types of laser marking machines for different applications. However, these machines do not just differ in terms of size and shape but also in terms of their efficiency and performance.

Laser marking is done by a laser that works on the principle of photochemistry. for example, Wuhan BST Online Flying Co2 Laser Marking Machine for Production Line uses intense beams of light to burn or cut materials such as paper, plastic, leather, and metals. The beam creates small marks on the surface of the material by burning up its surface.

In some cases, it can also be used to etch into the material instead of burning it up completely. This makes it possible for manufacturers to leave their names on the products that they produce so that customers know who exactly made them.

Different Types of Laser Engraving Machines

Laser engraving machines are the best way to produce high-quality, professional-looking results. Although laser engravers are often used for industrial applications, they are also suitable for use by home users and small businesses.

There are many different types of laser engraving machines available on the market today. Taking Wuhan BST laser engraving machine products as an example, let’s learn about the types of laser engraving machines.

Online Flying Co2 Laser Marking Machine for Production Line

Online co2 laser marking machines can be used to mark products with text and graphics at high speed. It is also used for printing serial numbers and barcodes on products. It can be used in many industries like pharmaceuticals, food & beverage industry, etc. These machines are also known as industrial CO2 lasers. These machines are designed with advanced technology which makes them a very popular choice for customers all over the world.

Machine Feature:

  • The machine uses an advanced galvanometer scanning system with high-speed motion control technology that makes it possible to achieve high-speed continuous dynamic coding. The machine can be used for long hours without causing fatigue to the operator or affecting product quality.
  • The machine can perform both single codesmarking and continuous dynamic coding on a wide range of materials such as metal, plastic, glass, and paper products.
  • The laser head adopts imported laser sources (optional brands include American brand Synrad, Coherent, and Top China brand Davi.) which have excellent performance characteristics including long maintenance time, stable output power, and low noise level.

3W 5W 7W 10W Glass Plastic UV Laser Marking Machine

The 3W 5W 7W 10W Glass Plastic UV Laser Marking Machines use a top China Brand UV laser source at 355 nm, with a pinpoint laser spot and the lowest heat-affected zone. It has a wide range of applications and is appropriate for high-precision marking down to 0.02 mm.

The UV laser marking machine is widely used in manufacturing industries such as electronics, semiconductors, medical devices, automobile electronics, cosmetology equipment, and so on; it can also be applied to the surface treatment of metal, glass, and plastic products; marking on circuit boards or PCBs; the engraving on industrial instruments; printing on food packaging materials or medical products, etc.

20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine

The 20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine uses the world’s most famous fiber laser source has a lifetime of over 120,000 hours, has no consumables, and is maintenance-free with consistent quality. The fiber laser marking machine can mark on various materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and even skin. This fiber laser marking machine has high efficiency and low cost per piece of laser marking

The 20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine is an industrial-grade device that is used in many different industries such as aerospace manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, and medical equipment manufacturing. It is designed with precision optics to ensure high-quality markings on materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium. The machine can also be used for coding purposes such as barcodes or QR codes.

laser marking machine price

Are You Looking For A Laser Marking Machine Price?

Are you looking for a laser marking machine price? If so, you’ll find what you need in our comprehensive guide. You can find the best laser marking machines for sale at affordable prices.

Each laser marking machine price has a different setting based on the features. For example, Online Flying Co2 Laser Marking Machine for Production Line is US$1999 – US$4999 according to Laser Power, Laser Tube Brand, Optional Working Area, etc.

Choose Wuhan BST for your Laser Marking Machine Prices. We provide you with free expert assistance and advice on choosing laser machines. Laser marking machines are very expensive, but if you are looking for a laser marking machine with good quality and low price, you can contact us. We have a lot of experience in this field and can provide you with the best product at an affordable price.

At Wuhan BST, we sell laser marking machines at affordable prices so that anyone can afford them. We have a wide variety of different types of machines that can be used for many different applications. Our team will help you find a laser marking machine that is perfect for your needs, whether it be for personal or business use.

How Does Laser Marking Machine Work?

The process works by focusing an intense beam of light onto your product. When this happens, some of the light will be reflected while other parts will be absorbed by your product creating heat that causes it to burn or etch into your product leaving behind an imprinted mark or design that can last for years without fading or wearing off like traditional markers and paint would do over time.

The laser marking machine can be used to mark an object in several ways including direct engraving and indirect engraving (etching).

Direct Engraving – This method uses a focused beam of light to cut into an object’s surface at a specific depth and width. Direct engraving produces marks that are permanent but can be removed by sandblasting or buffing off the material around the mark.

Indirect Engraving (Etching) – This method uses heat energy from the laser to cause chemical reactions within materials that result in permanent marks on metal surfaces. Etching marks are usually filled with colored dye so they are visible on dark or blackened surfaces.

What are the types of laser marking techniques?

There are three main types of laser marking techniques: direct, indirect, and sublimation. Each technique has different applications depending on the material being marked and its size, shape, and color.

Direct Marking

Direct marking uses a high-energy laser beam to burn directly into the surface of an object without any ink present on it. The process works best on dark colors because they absorb more energy from the laser beam than lighter colors do. Common direct marking materials include plastics (like PVC), metals, glass, and ceramics.

Indirect Marking

Indirect marking uses an intermediate material called a “transfer medium” which absorbs some of the energy from the laser beam and then transfers it onto the desired surface like paper or cardboard. This technique works well for multi-color designs where each color needs.

Sublimation Marking

Sublimation markings use heat from a laser beam to change the color of a material without damaging it. This technique typically works best on dark-colored inks or paint because they absorb more of the laser’s energy than lighter colors do.

How To Find The Right Laser Marking Machine For You?

Choosing the right laser marking machine can be a daunting task. With so many options, it’s easy to get lost in the weeds. We understand that is why we’ve created this guide to help you find the right laser marking machine for your needs.

The first thing to do is to determine what type of material you’ll be working with. Some lasers are better suited for certain materials than others. For example, fiber lasers work best with plastics and rubbers because they don’t damage them as much as other types of lasers do. CO2 lasers are good for wood and leather but not so good for plastics or rubber.

You also need to consider the size of your business and how much volume you plan on moving through each day or month. Smaller businesses might want something that’s easier to move around while larger ones may want something more permanent that can be used in multiple locations at once or set up at one location in particular repeatedly.

Finally, think about how much money you want to spend on your laser marking machine purchase before narrowing down your options further! As a professional laser marking machine manufacturer, Wuhan BST will provide customized solutions based on your laser marking machine price’s needs.

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