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20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine
20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine
20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine
20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine
20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine
20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine
20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine
20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine

20W 30W 50W Full Enclosed Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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Model No. BE-F20E
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Warranty Period Three Years with Lifelong Free Service

A full enclosed fiber laser marking machine is a tool for permanent marking, etching, and engraving of metals and plastics. It offers numerous benefits compared to traditional marking and engraving methods, such as speed, accuracy, cost-effectiveness, and durability. This laser marking machine has a fully enclosed design that eliminates the need for an external exhaust system and reduces the risk of accidental exposure to harmful laser radiation.  Furthermore, the machine is environmentally friendly and requires minimal maintenance.

Machine Feature:

Long Lifespan:  The typical lifespan of a fiber laser marking machine is anywhere between 100,000 and 120,000 hours depending on the system’s maintenance and use.

Free of Maintenance and No Consumables:  Fiber laser marking machines are rapidly becoming the preferred choice for many industrial and commercial applications due to their low maintenance needs.

Easy Operation: The fully enclosed fiber laser marking machine has gained immense popularity among the users of laser marking due to the sealed environment it provides, which protects the operator and the machine from the hazardous radiation associated with laser marking

High-efficiency Photoelectric Conversion Rate: There is no power coupling loss, no consumables, and thus no operational costs.

Fast Speed:  Because of the powerful Galvo gear, the scanning speed may surpass 8000mm/s, greatly reducing the marking time.

Powerful Marking SoftwareDifferent types of content can be tagged, including letters, patterns, characters, codes, and images. You are free to mark whatever you like. It is only necessary to input the marking file into the software.

Wide Application: The fiber laser marking machine is a versatile tool that is used in a variety of applications. It is capable of engraving on a wide range of materials, including metals, plastics, ceramics, and even skin.

Environmental-Friendly: Non-pollution and safe to people.

Durability: Fiber laser marking machines are increasingly popular for their durability and reliability in industrial and commercial applications.

Parts Introduction

flying fiber laser marking machine

Fiber Laser Source

  • The world’s most famous fiber laser source has a lifetime of over 120,000 hours, no consumables, and is maintenance-free with consistent quality.
  • To achieve high precision marking, an extremely thin laser beam and great laser focusing capacity are required.
enclosed fiber laser marking

Sino-galvo digital scanning head

  • The well-known Sino-galvo digital scanning head, with a maximum speed of 8000mm/s, ensures stability and efficiency while also meeting industrial marking requirements.
  • High sensitivity, high precision positioning, and powerful anti-interference capabilities.
enclosed fiber laser marking

JCZ controller card

  • The I/O port and original genuine Beijing JCZ controller card assure powerful capabilities and simple operation.
  • High sensitivity, quick speed, and precision
flying fiber laser marking machine

  • The imported Wavelength Focus Lens from Singapore ensures a high quality laser beam.
  • Light transmission and electro-optical conversion efficiency are both excellent.
enclosed fiber laser marking

High Quality Aluminum Alloy Machine Box

  • Integrated design using aluminum alloy materials, high rigidity, non-deformation, and long life.
  • The overall appearance of the equipment is modern and stunning.
enclosed fiber laser marking

Full Enclosure

  • It protects human eyes from lasers, and the structure meets European design and regulations.
  • Whole design is small compact and mini size.
co2 galvo laser marking machine

Latest Version Ezcad Software

  • Bitmap formats include BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIF, and TIFF.
  • Win10/Win8/Win7/XP (both 32 and 64 bit all supported)
  • Vector: AI, PLT, DXF, DST, SVG, JPC, NC, G, BOT, GBR


Fiber laser marking machines are revolutionizing the way companies and manufacturers mark and identify their products. With their precision, speed, and versatility, fiber lasers offer distinct advantages over traditional marking methods. Fiber laser marking machines offer a wide range of applications, from medical device marking to industrial part engraving. These machines are use in Medical devices, home appliances, automotive items, household appliances, monitors, hardware tools, electronics, precise bathroom accessories, battery industry, and IT industry.


Optional Items

Co2 Galvo Laser Machine

Rotary Device (65mm, 80mm, 100mm diameter)

When marking, the rotary device can hold the circular item and rotate it. It enables rotary operation.

flying fiber laser marking machine

Focus Lens(70*70mm, 110*110mm, 175*175mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm marking size)

If the marking size varies, the machine must be equipped with different focus lenses.

Furthermore, the marking size varies, as do the power and laser spot sizes.

Co2 Galvo Laser Machine

Working Table

It aids in adjusting the focus distance.

The XYZ axis can be moved up and down with ease.

online laser marking machine (4)

Fume Extractor

To safeguard the environment and human health, the fume extractor can clean up any fumes or dust that may have been generated while working.

Co2 Galvo Laser Machine

Cutting Fixture

This cutting fixture aids in the correction of metal plates and the fixation of thin plates without distortion, particularly for gold plates, holographic foil, and so on.

3d laser marking machine

XY Electric Moving Table

It works well for marking on large pieces of material. It has the ability to divide the marking operation into many stages.

Model BE-F20E
Laser source Raycus brand (IPG, MAX, JPT optional)
Laser power 20W 30W 50W
Weave length 1064 nm
Marking area 70*70mm, 110*110mm, 175*175mm, 220*220mm, 300*300mm
Laser repetition frequency 20KHZ-80KHZ
Beam quality 1.5 M²
Marking speed 7000-12000mm/s
Marking depth 0.01-1mm
Repetition Precision 0.01mm
Minimum Line Width 0.017mm
Minimum Character 0.2 mm
Cooling Style Air cooling
Positioning Way Double Red Pointer
Laser Source Life Span More than 120,000 hours
Control software JCZ EZCAD
Supported Format Bitmap: BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIF, TIFF  Vector: AI,  PLT, DXF, DST, SVG, JPC, NC, G, BOT, GBR
Control board ORIGINAL BJJCZ
Operating Voltage AC220V/50HZ/ or AC110V/60HZ
Gross Power ≤500W
Supported Windows Windows
Certificate ISO, CE, FDA
Material can be processed all metal material and part of non-metal material, such as hard plastic
Others USB cable for connection, U flash disk with software and English manuals and install video.
After-sales Service Three years warranty for the machine.Whole life maintenance. We offer overseas engineering services if needed. We accept users to our factory for free training.
Packaging Standard Export Plywood Box
Plug European/America/UK/International different Plugs

Package and Shipment

Model Net Weight Package Size Gross Weight Volume
BE-F20E 70KGS 78×70×89CM 80KG 0.4CBM
Laser metal engraving machine (7) Laser metal engraving machine (8) Laser metal engraving machine (9)
Inside layer is covered by thickening plastic film and fastened. Middle Layer wrapped by thick sponge foam to avoid shaking on the way. Outer layer packed by professional export thick wood craftcase.
  • Sadasivan Shaji

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    The installation was simple, and the after-sales assistance was excellent. I occasionally contact BST Laser after 10:00 at night, and they always respond. It has been quite beneficial to me!


    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Australia

    For testing purposes, before purchasing, I sent some samples. I was concerned that it might be made of ABS material, however, it passed the testing with flying colors. I ordered with determination. I am pleased with the service and would order again!

  • Joey Edwards

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From United States

    After being received, the equipment has been put to work for some time. It’s really useful in our workshop. The engraving speed and effect are both extremely good. It’s preferable to engrave deeply!

  • Benjie Tolentino

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Philippines

    After seeing the training video, we conducted some testing. The engraving effect is fantastic, and the pace is quite rapid. Most importantly, it can print without any consumables, which makes me extremely happy!

  • nav tariq

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From United Kingdom

    It is simple to use. I purchased a couple of items from BST. Everything works perfectly. They offer excellent after-sales service. The technician is available to assist me in installing and configuring the parameters.

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