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Mirco Laser Welder Machine for Jewelry

Mirco Laser Welder Machine for Jewelry

Say goodbye to the traditional welding machine, the micro laser welder is widely used in jewelry processing, resizing, repairing, retipping and filling.

Jewelry laser welding machine can weld gold, silver, platinum, titanium and its alloy, electric nickel belt and other materials. It do great help for high precision jewelry welding.

The miniature laser welding machine is composed of YAG pulse laser, laser power supply, imported optical system, built-in integrated water cooling machine, CCD observation system, etc., table top equipment, small size, light weight, strong function; Adopts the laser power supply and welding system independently developed by BST LASER, and is equipped with the dual observation mode of HD microscope and CCD camera ,user can switch between the 2 viewing systems based on welding likes and metal sheet size.


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