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Channel Letter Bending Machine BEL-K120
Channel Letter Bending Machine BEL-K120

Classic Stainless Steel Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Machine Price

Specifications: Channel Letter Bending Machine BEL-K120

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channel letter bending machine

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Price Range : US$3000 – US$4000/Set Based on the Features
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Steel letter bending machine K120 is BST LASER original and most classic model for bending stainless steel and flat aluminum,perfect combination between costs,technical features and bending performance.It is a professional sign making equipment for processing flat stainless steel, galvanized sheet and flat aluminum luminous characters.

Machine Feature:

  • Independent Feeding Cabinet,suitable for raw materials with different height.
  • Machine body use high end hard chromium plating craft which ensure wear-resisting, corrosion ,prolong machine lifetime.
  • Adopt servo motor control and ball screw transmission, strong bending torque,high precision and fast feeding speed.
  • With servo motor double axle alternately expansion bending system,strong bending arc which make sure high bending arc shape, no need further manual bending.
  • With unique materials collecting alert function which make sure not waste materials.
  • Modularized Circuit board and strong and weak electricity path ensure no interference and the equipment is more stable.


Parts Introduction

Unique Feeding Structure

  • Closed Loop Feed Feedback SystemEnsure the finished work piece and source file perfectly matched.
  • Rolling-typed continuous feeding structure,it won’t bring any scratch on the materials surface.

Slotting System

  • Sweden ASSAB+17 Planning Tool which can cut the steel with high efficiency.
  • TBI Ball Screw Transmission ensure Ensure the strong torque, high precision and fast speed.

Double Axis Coupling Bending System

  • Making sure the finished letter with high forming degree,doesn’t need further manual calibration.

Servo Motor Control

  • Driven by 2pcs servo motors and 2pc step motor,Ensure the strong torque, high precision and fast speed.

Standardized wiring and IO Integrated PCB

  • Circuit part is separate with strong and weak electricity,no interference is and the equipment is more stable.

Processing Materials

  • This machine can produce small letter less than 7mm. It process at high precision. Driven by servo motors, it is high-end flat material channel letter bending machine.


BEL-K120 cnc metal channel letter bending machine is a professional equipment for making metal edge strips lED luminous channel Letter. K120 can simultaneously cut and bend metal such as flat aluminum, flat stainless steel and galvanized sheets.

 Stainless Steel Letter Bending Machine 1

Optional Items

Industrial PC system with tested settings and properly installed applications for immediate use

Air Pressure :0.6-0.8mpa, you can prepare by yourself or with the help of a machine.

Planar Cutter for slotting stainless steel and flat aluminum.


Feeding system

Rolling-typed continuous feeding device

Slotting system

Sweden ASSAB planning tool

Bending system

Double axis coupling bending system

Drive motor

2PCS servo motor,2PCS stepper

Machine weight


Overall size

Machine Body:L1650 x W850 x H1650mm

Feeding Table :L500 x W500 x H1100mm



Material type

Stainless steel/Galvanized /Flat aluminum (Height:20-120mm)

Material thickness



Flat aluminum(0.6-1.5mm)

Support format


Feeding accuracy

Length ±0.1mm   Radius >10mm




Motion control

ADTECH/Leetro Four-axis motion control card


Auto Drive/ CBS4


220V 50HZ 3kw

Air compressor


  • Juan Solano

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Columbia

    The machine is very strongly mechanically and features very good,easy software and performance is very good.

  • Avedis Serkhanian

    Post a review on Feb 15, 2022 From Canada

    Simple design but with very powerfu function,it’s far enough to meet my stainless steel letter making requirements .

  • Ermal Alushi

    Post a review on Oct 2, 2022 From Italy

    Machine is super good,no need any technical guide,i  can opeate the machine well via your training  video.

  • Josef Helmlinger

    Post a review on Jan 30, 2023 From Chile

    The machine works well. I will introduce to friends to buy.

  • Fredy Lasso

    Post a review on Aug 5, 2022 From Spain

    Your letter bending machine is very fine and I am so happy and thankful to u and ur company.

  • Fredy Lasso

    Post a review on Jan 20, 2023 From France

    Also let you know,we have been using the machine very well,because of pandemic we haven’t been able to us it that much,but in the little we have made really good letters with it !

  • Ernesto Reyes

    Post a review on feb 1, 2023 From USA

    High quality machine. I want to thank supplier for her support and enormous help during purchase.

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