3d Channel Letter Bending Machine

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Super Mini Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Tools
Mini Channel Letter Bender 1
Mini Channel Letter Bender 3
Super Mini Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Tools
Mini Channel Letter Bender 1
Mini Channel Letter Bender 3

Automatic Super Mini Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Tools

Category: Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model No.: BEL-B100
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Price Range: US$1000 – US$2000/set Based on the Features
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Warranty Period: Two Years with Lifelong Free Service

BEST Laser has been providing letter-making solutions for over ten years. We developed this new kind of aluminum channel machine B100 to fulfill the market need for creating LEDI illuminated Channel Letters with a small footprint and low investment. It is a cost-effective tool for creating advertising logo letters.

Machine Feature:

  • The BEL-B100 is a small, low-cost automatic channel letter bender with outstanding precision and speed.
  • Flat aluminum is the type of material.
  • Channel letter types include flat aluminum letters and ultra-liquid acrylic letters.
  • 0.6mm Bending Thickness
  • 20-100mm Bending Width (flat aluminum)

Parts Introduction


Machine Structure

The entire machine is built of stainless steel metal sheet, and there are no particular working conditions. It is ideal for small stores and sign factories.

Mini Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Tools 4

Planer Tool

The single-sided slotting efficiency is increased when a planer tool slotting structure is used. It can effectively protect the paint surface of the material and retain the appearance of the processed shell as compared to double-sided slotting.

Mini Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Tools 3

Material Height Scale

RolMaterial height scale, which will assist you rapidly positioning yourself when changing materials to process. It will ensure that the material is sliced straight during machine operation.

Mini Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Tools 1

Rolling Continuous Feeding

Its rolling continuous feeding structure, fast reaction speed, closed-loop self-test system, and use of a high-quality encoder will ensure that the feeding system is always correct.

Mini Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Tools 2

Slotting System

The planer cutting is stable and straight thanks to the single rail pneumatic lifting slotting structure. At the same time, it produces less noise during machine processing, which contributes to a pleasant working atmosphere.

Mini Aluminum Channel Letter Bending Tools 5

Bending System

Arc bending structure with a double-axis linkage that has a high bending speed and an excellent bending forming effect.

Mini Channel Letter Machine

Bending Performance

Performance at a low cost, using CNC router and curing platform. The processing method is straightforward, and the equipment is simple to run. It is a basic piece of equipment for processing channel letters and outdoor signs, and the software is simple to use.



Relevant Industries: Advertising industry (Logos, signs, neon signs, billboards, light boxes production, outdoor advertising, and other advertising production).

Aluminum strip bending, stainless steel strip bending, iron bending, galvanized steel bending, and galvanized pipe bending are all examples of application materials.

(There are two types of slotting knives: one for bending aluminum and another for bending stainless steel, galvanized steel, and so on.)


Optional Items

Optional Items_Auto Flange Channel Letter Bender Machine_1

For direct use, an industrial PC system with well-installed applications and validated specifications.

Optional Items_Auto Flange Channel Letter Bender Machine_2

Air Pressure :0.6-0.8mpa, Client can purchase with a machine or prepare themselves.

aluminum coils for channel letter

Aluminum Coils

High-quality aluminum coils with various specifications are available as an alternative.

Category Feeding system Rolling continuous feeding mechanism
Slotting system Planner tool
Bending system Double axis coupling bending system
Driving motor Two -phase stepper motor 2 set
Weight 50kg
Dimensions L1360*W510*H780mm


Material category Flat aluminum (20-100mm)
Material thickness 0.6 mm
Support format PLT / DXF
Feeding accuracy Length+0.1mm; Radius>10mm


Control card Four -axis motion control card
Software system Auto drive bending system
Input voltage 220V 50Hz 500KW
Air pressure 0.6-0.8Mpa

Package and Shipment

Model Package Size Gross Weight
BEL-B100 95cm×50cm×73cm, 0.485CBM 80KG
Package 1 package 2 package 3
Inside layer is covered by thickening pe film and foam for waterproof. Middle layer is covered by foam to protect the machine from shaking Outside is with fumigated Wooden Box which comply with export standard

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Mexico

    The microchannel letter bender machine B100 is so small and compact that I can fit it on my table; it’s small but quite powerful, and it improves my working productivity.

  • Nabil Benkirane

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Egypt

    We manufacture the metal letters by hand, and this is our first time using the machine to make letters; previously, we could only make 20-30 letters per day, but now we can make 70-80 letters per day, which has greatly improved our efficiency and helped me save labor costs.

  • Alberto

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Spain

    This machine is of high quality and attractive design. It’s really popular in our country.

  • Terry

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From USA

    Reliable manufacturer!

    The machine functions properly. I’ll recommend it to my friends.

  • Ajay Kumar

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From India

    BST LASER is a reputable producer. There is no need to be concerned about the after-sales service. It is simple to convey. A pleasant buying experience.

  • Elena

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Italy

    Everything is working out for us!!! Everything has exceeded my expectations!

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