3d Channel Letter Bending Machine

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Three Modules Hot Thermal PVC Plastic Acrylic Bender Machine
Three Modules Hot Thermal PVC Plastic Acrylic Bender Machine
Three Modules Hot Thermal PVC Plastic Acrylic Bender Machine
Three Modules Hot Thermal PVC Plastic Acrylic Bender Machine

Three Modules Hot Thermal PVC Plastic Acrylic Bender Machine

Category: Channel Letter Bending Machine
Model No.: BEL-703A/BEL-1303A
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Price Range: US$750 – US$1200/Set
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Leading Time: 3-5 Days
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Warranty Period: Two Years with Lifelong Free Service

Hot thermal PVC plastic acrylic bender machines are a great way to quickly bend and shape PVC and acrylic plastics. These powerful machines can be used to create a variety of products, from custom cases and signs to furniture and decorative items.  The machine utilizes heat to soften the plastic and then shape it into whatever shape you desire. This technology offers a variety of benefits that make it an attractive option for businesses and individuals who need custom plastic products.

Good Features

  • Available materials: acrylic board and Plexiglass.
  •  Available thicknesses: 1-5mm. 
  • Available widths: BEL-703A650mm, BEL-1303A1250mm.
  •  Available heating gap width: 8mm (CAN NOT ADJUST).
  • 220V is the working voltage.
  •  Temperature: 600°C. 
  • The distance between the three heating modules can be changed to meet the size requirements.
  • A circulating water cooling system via a submersible pump (random color), keeps the worktable cool to protect hands and equipment (removable).

Parts Introduction

Three Modules Hot Thermal PVC Plastic Acrylic Bender Machine Parts Introduction

Simultaneous heating, higher efficiency

There are three heating modules, and you may choose to work at the same time and heat together, as well as form the acrylic plate at one time, which can speed up product processing and enhance work efficiency.

Acrylic Bender Machine 9

Machine Size Dimension

  • BEL-703A has a heating tube length of 700mm and a bending width of 650mm.
  • BEL-1303A has a heating tube length of 1300mm and a bending width of 1250mm.
  • Width of a single module: 50mm.
  • Width of the heating gap: 8mm.
  • Width of three modules: 150mm.
Acrylic Bender Machine 4

Length Position

  • In addition to the front, the middle can be positioned, which is useful for determining the length of a single or two heating modules.
Acrylic Bender Machine 3

Independent Switch

  • Each heating tube is controlled by its own switch and can be heated simultaneously or individually.
Acrylic Bender Machine 5

Power Supply Chain

  • The drag chain conceals the wire insulation, which will not be harmed by frequent dragging, assuring the safety of power consumption.
Acrylic Bender Machine 2

Optical Axis Guide Rail

  • The movement is smooth, and the heating module spacing can be precisely adjusted to meet the needs of various sizes.
Three Modules Hot Thermal PVC Plastic Acrylic Bender Machine Parts Introduction

Power Supply Plug

Equipment plug: The three-stage heating bending machine’s power is excessive, and standards are thick cables and air switches ideal for high-power electrical appliances (leakage protection circuit breaker).

*In addition to the individual switches for each heating, the equipment now includes the main heating switch.

Standard 2-head flat plug for water pump (European and British regulations can be selected for export, confirm when placing an order)

Acrylic Bender Machine 8

Cooling System

  • The 703 comes equipped with one water pump, whereas 1303 comes standard with three water pumps.
  • Function: Use water circulation to cool the bending machine so that the plate is not impacted by the extension heat near the heating pipe when it is heated. On the other side, it can extend the machine’s service life.
  • Special instructions: If the configured water circulation system is subjected to a high workload or is utilized for an extended period, and the water temperature increases to N50°C, please change the water source.


It is commonly used in technical reform courses in schools, architectural design models, decoration projects, sign making, square column corners, fish tank edging, doors and windows, display cabinets, display racks, supermarket shelves, advertising light boxes, handicraft production, and so on.

Acrylic Bender Machine


Model No. BEL-703A BEL-1303A
Working Principle  Thermal Heating Thermal Heating
Bending Width W650mm W1250mm
Thickness 5mm 5mm
Input Voltage 220V 220V
Working Voltage 220V 220V
Power All 3 heating modules turn on 3KW
(single module 1KW)
All 3 heating modules turn on 4.5KW
(single module 1.5KW)
Temperature <600 degree (What we measure is the core temperature of the heating tube when the temperature control knob is turned to the highest value. Different test methods, test locations and test distances will result in different test temperature results.)
Model No. Carton: 1100*990*220mm Wood Case: 1720*1015*310mm
Working Principle  1 Set per Package 1 Set per Package
Bending Width 52Kg 63kg
Gross Weight 60kg 96kg

Package and Shipment

Model Package Size Gross Weight
BEL-703A 1.1m×0.99m×0.22m, 0.11CBM 60KG
BEL-1303A 1.72m×1.02m×0.31m, 0.17CBM 90KG
Acrylic Bender Machine 10 Acrylic Bender Machine 12 Acrylic Bender Machine 12
Inside layer is covered by thickening plastic bag and crash proof foam  Compound Wooden cases  (Optional Choice) Customized Carton Cases which Comply with Airworthy Shipment
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    Bending nicely now! The small size saves space.

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    We attempted to bend some little things. Everything goes swimmingly.

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    My friend recommended it to me. We are quite pleased with both the machine and the service.

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    We’ve been using it for two months. Very useful for making little items.

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