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Widely Used Fiber Laser Marking on Metal Nameplate

Metal Nameplate Marking Samples

Metal nameplates are key to identify the manufacturer’s LOGO and product’s information. As metal nameplates is prominent at wear resistance and durability, it is widely used. Commonly metal nameplate divides into stainless steel plates, aluminum plates, zinc alloy plates, iron plates etc.

Fiber laser marking machine is quite suitable for marking on metal plates. Under computer control, machine can mark logo, text, patterns, codes, characters, QR codes, letters and different contents. Fiber laser marking covers High precision, fast speed, permanents marking, non-deformation and a lot of spotlights.

Good Features:

Non-contact processing, so no damage to the base materials.

Wide application. Except for metal nameplates, fiber laser can also mark on other materials, such as gold, silver, plastic, ABS…

Cost-saving. Machine lifetime over 100000 hours, free of maintenance and no consumables.

Clear smooth marking effect

Safe, green and environmental-friendly. Non-pollution to operators or environment, which cannot be compared by ink printing.

Fast speed. Several seconds can mark one piece.

Easy operation. Only press”mark”, machine automatically finish the job, and no need complicated after-treatment.


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