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Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Metal
Portable Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Metal
Portable Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Metal
Portable Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Metal
Portable Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Metal
Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Metal
Portable Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Metal
Portable Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Metal
Portable Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Metal
Portable Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Metal

Portable Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine for Metal

Category Fiber Laser Marking Machine
Model No. BE-F20H
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Price Range US$1599 – US$2399/Set
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Leading Time 5-7 Days
Shipping Air/Sea/Train/Truck
Warranty Period Three Years with Lifelong Free Service

Portable mini handheld laser marking machines are becoming increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes. These devices offer a cost-effective and efficient way to mark and engrave surfaces quickly and accurately. They are easy to use, lightweight, and highly portable, allowing businesses to take them wherever they need to go. The machine is designed and constructed using off-the-shelf components and a portable laser source. The performance of the machine is evaluated using different laser sources and settings.

Machine Feature:

Handheld Type: It is ideal for marking on large or heavy workpieces.

Long lifespan: As a result of the machine’s use of German advanced mature fiber optical technology, its lifetime exceeds 120,000 hours, significantly lengthening the period of service.

Free of Maintenance and No Consumables: Fiber laser markers require essentially no maintenance during operation, with no consumables required, saving labor and money.

Easy Operation: There is no need to alter the laser route, no requirement for professional abilities, and ordinary people may operate after 1-2 days of training, lowering the use threshold.

High-efficiency photoelectric conversion rate: There is no power coupling loss, no consumables, and thus no operational costs.

Fast Speed: Because of the sophisticated Galvo head, the scanning speed may exceed 8000mm/s, significantly reducing the marking time.

Powerful Marking Software: The material might be annotated with letters, patterns, characters, codes, images, etc. Whatever you wish to mark is allowed. Simply load the marking file into the app.

Wide Application: It may mark metal, stainless steel, aluminum, iron, gold, silver, titanium, and various nonmetals such as plastic, ceramic, and ABS.

Environmental-Friendly: Non-pollution and safe to people.

Durability: It can bear hostile environments, such as shock, vibration, high temperature or dusty.

Parts Introduction

desktop fiber laser marking machine

Fiber Laser Source

  • With a top speed of 8000mm/s, the well-known Sino-galvo digital scanning head ensures stability and effectiveness while meeting industrial marking requirements.
  • High sensitivity, extremely accurate placement, and potent interference-blocking properties.
handheld laser marking machine (3)

Sino-galvo digital scanning head

  • Famous Sino-galvo digital scanning head, which a max speed reaching 8000mm/s, which ensures stability and efficiency and meets industrial marking requirements.
  • High sensativity, high precision positioning and strong anti-interference.
enclosed fiber laser marking

JCZ controller card

  • The original Beijing JCZ controller card and the I/O port ensure powerful functionality and simple operation.
  • High sensitivity, rapidity, and precision
flying fiber laser marking machine

Singapore Imported Lens

  • The Wavelength Focus Lens, which was imported from Singapore, has great focusing capabilities, ensuring a high-quality laser beam.
  • The efficiency of light transmission and electro-optical conversion are both high.
handheld laser marking machine (4)

2D XY Working Table

  • Operators can place the objects on the working table to guarantee that they are in.
  • The working table’s height can be adjusted to accommodate different materials.
handheld laser marking machine (2)

High Quality Aluminum Alloy Machine Box

  • Integrated design using aluminum alloy materials, high rigidity, non-deformation, and long life.
  • The overall appearance of the equipment is modern and stunning.
handheld laser marking machine (5)

Positioning Frame

  • It helps positioning the focus distance.
flying fiber laser marking machine

Urgent Stop/Key Switch/Laser Switch

  • Urgent Stop: When some error happens during marking, operator can press the red urgent stop then the machine stop working.
  • Key Switch: Machine On
  • Laser Switch: Laser Source On
handheld laser marking machine (6)

Exhaust Fan/Rotary Port/Foot Pedal Port/I/O signal port

  • Even the machine is small size, but it is multifunctional.
co2 galvo laser marking machine

Latest Version Ezcad Software

  • BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIF, and TIFF are all bitmap formats.
  • Vector: Win10/Win8/Win7/XP (both 32 and 64-bit are supported) AI, PLT, DXF, DST, SVG, JPC, NC, G, BOT, and GBR


The Portable Mini Handheld Laser Marking Machine is an ideal tool for a variety of labeling, engraving, and marking applications. It is a compact device that can be easily carried around and used in a range of different settings. Large mechanical parts, sanitary ware and culinary items, computer keyboards, metals, buttons, integrated circuits, packaging bottles and cans, eyeglass frames, faucets, and other items are particularly suited for handheld laser marking machines.


Optional Items

Co2 Galvo Laser Machine

Rotary Device (65mm, 80mm, 100mm diameter)

Rotary device can hold the round object and rotate when marking. It realizes rotary working.

flying fiber laser marking machine

Focus Lens(70*70mm, 110*110mm, 175*175mm, 200*200mm, 300*300mm marking size)

The machine needs to have a separate focus lens if the marking size differs.

Furthermore, the diameters of the markings, as well as the power and laser spot sizes, vary.

Co2 Galvo Laser Machine

Working Table

It facilitates the adjustment of the focus distance.

The XYZ axis can be easily shifted up and down.

online laser marking machine (4)

Fume Extractor

To protect the environment and human health, the fume extractor can clean up any fumes or dust that may have been generated while working.

Co2 Galvo Laser Machine

Cutting Fixture

In especially for gold plates and holographic foil, this cutting fixture helps with the correction of metal plates and the fastening of thin plates without distortion.

3d laser marking machine

XY Electric Moving Table

It works when marking on big size material. It can divide the marking job into several times.

Model BE-F20H
Laser source Raycus brand (IPG, MAX, JPT optional)
Laser power 20W 30W 50W 100W
Weave length 1064 nm
Marking area 70*70mm, 110*110mm, 175*175mm, 220*220mm, 300*300mm
Laser repetition frequency 20KHZ-80KHZ
Beam quality 1.5 M²
Marking speed 7000-12000mm/s
Marking depth 0.01-1mm
Repetition Precision 0.01mm
Minimum Line Width 0.017mm
Minimum Character 0.2 mm
Cooling Style Air cooling
Positioning Way Double Red Pointer
Laser Source Life Span More than 120,000 hours
Control software JCZ EZCAD
Supported Format Bitmap: BMP, JPG, JPEG, GIF, TGA, PNG, TIF, TIFF  Vector: AI,  PLT, DXF, DST, SVG, JPC, NC, G, BOT, GBR
Control board ORIGINAL BJJCZ
Operating Voltage AC220V/50HZ/ or AC110V/60HZ
Gross Power ≤500W
Supported Windows Windows
Certificate ISO, CE, FDA
Material can be processed all metal material and part of non-metal material, such as hard plastic
Others USB cable for connection, U flash disk with software and English manuals and install video.
After-sales Service Three years warranty for the machine.Whole life maintenance. We offer overseas engineering services if needed. We accept users to our factory for free training.
Packaging Standard Export Plywood Box
Plug European/America/UK/International different Plugs
Net Weight 40kgs
Gross Package weight 50kgs
Packaging Dimension 78*48*42cm

Package and Shipment

Model Net Weight Package Size Gross Weight Volume
BE-F20H 40KGS 78×48×42CM 50KG 0.16CBM
Laser metal engraving machine (7) Laser metal engraving machine (8) Laser metal engraving machine (9)
Inside layer is covered by thickening plastic film and fastened. Middle Layer wrapped by thick sponge foam to avoid shaking on the way. Outer layer packed by professional export thick wood craftcase.
  • Gustavo Paredesperez

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Mexico

    The machine is very easy to operate. Thanks for BST Laser team’s patience. The machine marks very well on our gift products. I will introduce BST to my friends.

  • Andrey Poyarkov

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Russian Federation

    This machine exceeded my expectations. The machine use well-known brand components. 3 years ago,we bought our first fiber laser from BST, and now it is 8 unit. The machine works very stable and durable.

  • Yahia Aitmoula

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Algeria

    We customize some small gift pieces. Machine economic price, but very powerful. We are a small business, so started only from 20W. We tried marking on a lot of jewelries, rings…customers like it. Thanks!

  • Jorge Montanez

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Peru

    After purchasing, I tested a lot of small things. I like to study the engraving differences. Many fonts, patterns and graphics can be engraved. This machine is really powerful!

  • Carlos Guinot Sierra

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Spain

    This machine’s application is very wide. Metal, plastic, ABS…all materials can mark. 1 machine meets all my needs. It is really multifunctional. We will reorder more!

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