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3D Relief Engraving on Metal with 2.5D 3D Fiber Laser Machine

3D Relief Engraving on Metal with 2.5D 3D Fiber Laser

Looking for Machine to get 3d Relief engraving effect on sainless steel and Aluminum? BST LASER new launched 50W 100W Fiber laser marking machine with 2.5D or 3D system could realized such deep engraving effect.

BST LASER Offer 50w and 100w fiber laser engraving machine for deep metal engraving,3d relief engraving effect on stainless steel and aluminum with high speed and accuracy .

2.5D: Import the model through the 3D function of EzCAD3, and realize the relief performance through the electric Z axis, it can not do 3d relief on flat surface.

3D: Import the model into the 3D software, and realize the relief performance through the 3D laser head.

3d laser marking machines have all function that laser machine have, 3d Laser machine can do all function that 2D 2.5D laser machine do.
Just one word,the 2.5D can realize the function of 3d machine,just the marking effect for 3d machine is more beautiful with high precision and simple operation.

Each 3D laser head brand have their recommended software, what ever Feeltek/ Sino/BJJCZ/Sunny. All these 3D laser head company provide their own or match software, if you found their software not good, then you can try other software, but mostly their suggested one will be best match.

Like Feeltek laser head use Lenmark 3Ds, EZCAD3 have match 3D head from BJJCZ, etc.
Need more details about the 2.5D and 3D fiber laser engraving machine just write to us .

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