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Acrylic High Precision Cutting by Co2 Laser

Acrylic High Precision Cutting by Co2 Laser

Acrylic laser cutting machine is used for all kinds of acrylic projects such as crafts, gifts, arts, signs, logos, letters, and other acrylic products.Wwith co2 laser cutter machine,you can achieve any 2d or 3d design you want .

Co2 Laser cutting machine provides you with a way to easily cut or engrave your ideas into a wide variety of materials acrylic and plastic .BST LASER CO2 laser cutter machine is with the most advance parts configuration and latest laser technology,It totally solve the issues of unstability and precision during high speed cutting ,the speed can reach 100mm/s when cutting 3mm acrylic with 300w.

Check the genuine acrylic engraving cutting samples by our co2 laser engraving cutting machine,feel how fine the cutting edge and high resolution engraving effect is !


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