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CO2 Laser Cutter Machine for Wooden Craft

CO2 Laser Cutter Machine for Wooden Craft

Co2 laser cutting machine for wood projects including wine box, wood wine box, MDF wine box, plywood wine box, vinebox, wine gift box, wine holder ,etc. With Co2 Wood Laser Cutter Machine,you can make any your fantastic idea or design become true.

Wood laser cutting machine is an awesome CNC laser cutting system that adopts CO2 laser source to engrave and cut wood (solid wood, hardwood, softwood, MDF, plywood, bamboo) and other nonmetal materials into different 2D/3D profiles and shapes. The cutting ability depends on the CO2 laser power, we have 80W, 100W, 130W, 150W, 180W abd 300W. you can choose different laser powers and laser cutting table sizes to fit your wood cutting and engraving plans & projects.


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