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Co2 Laser Cutting Machine
Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

Ball Screws 300w 450w CNC Co2 Laser Cutting Machine

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US$5000 – US$9000 /Set

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BE-DK1325GH is an newly developed heavy duty CCD Co2 laser cutting machine, with XYZ high precision Taiwan made ball screws transmission, driven by Japan servo motors, CCD position, with machine base body adopting high-strength thicker steel welded structure, which enables to cutting thin and thick materials at highest accuracy, such as acrylic, wood, plastic, ABS, MDF…The cutting is higher brightness and cleanness.

The working efficiency is 3-5 times than common co2 laser cutting machines. Especially for high precision cutting requirements, the cutting effect can be far beyond others. Faster speed, higher precision, easier to use and maintain, longer lifespan, more durable…all are the good spotlights.

This machine eliminates all the shortcomings of other similar machines, optimizes the previous models, and be considered as the laser application new innovation.

Good Features

  • XYZ axis all adopts Taiwan important high precision ball screws, which ensure high rigidity, high accuracy, durability and high efficiency.
  • Driven by Japan Fuji servo motors, which ensure high precision, strong overload resistance, faster speed and stable performance.
  • Machine structure adopts fiber laser cutting machine’s body base, with thicker steel welded frame, through 3 times high precision milling, which ensure long time stable working without deformation.
  • Scientific fixed laser path design and delicate optic mirror lens setup, which ensure more stable laser beam path and free of maintenance.
  • Double smoke exhausting system to keep the environment clean. Exhaust fan and air pump start and stop automatically.
  • European electric circuit standard complying with CE


Parts Introduction

300w co2 laser cutter

Integrated Machine Body Base

  • Heavy Loading High Strength Welding Structure with 6mm Steel Plate Frame
  • The Bed Aging Treatment not Deform.
  • Digital Gantry Milling Process Ensuring High Precision.

Ball Screws Transmission

  • Ensure High Stability, Minimal Noise, and Smoothness When Traveling.
  • High Rigidity and High Precision Even After Long Time Working.

Japan Fuji Servo Motors

  • The X, Y, and Z axis are all driven by servo motors.
  • The Y Axis is double drive that allows for high-speed and high-precision transmission.
300w co2 laser cutting machine

Independent Control Cabient

  • Controlling Cabinet with industrial PC system and well adjusted software fo direct usage
  • Independent model,with advantage of excellent anti-interference ability,good heat dissipation ,easy maintenance

Fixed Laser Path

  • It adopts autofocus red point position function, 3 sets of focusing optical path optimization compensation design
  • Special beam processing technology ensures the laser beam consistent throughout the processing range.
  • Laser head automatically up down and water cooling

Reflect Mirror Cooling System

  • As part of the massive heat dissipation, cool lenses and reflecting mirrors are used.
  • Prolong lifespan and avoid damage from heating, especially for the 180w power.

Module Screw Design

  • Inside is an X Axle Ball Screw that is compact and modest in size.
  • No cutting noise, no dust, and excellent cutting precision

Laser Tube

  • High stability and the fine laser beam
  • Meeting the requirements of highly efficient processing and large-scale industrial production with a global guarantee(150W, 300W, 450W)
300W co2 laser cutter

Control Panel

  • Top Brand Trocen Controller with full number keys and other standard function keys makes operation easier and more convenient.
  •  Equipped with normal buttons Emergency stop,Servo Motor Indicator,Power Switch and Supply Voltage Disply.It can show the machine’s actual runng status visually.

Auto Exhausting/Blowing

  • Several Self-sufficient Innovation.
  • Automatic opening and closing when the machine is in use.
  • Exhaust stop 15S/30S after the machine stops processing, ensuring that the smoke is entirely cleansed.

Water Chiller

  • To safeguard the water circulation from power outages, use the CW-6000 Water Chiller with temperature display and Auto Degree setting.


  • It is suitable for advertising, light box, photo frame, high-end display cabinet, lighting, woodworking, architectural model, handicrafts, decoration, high-precision organic materials, acrylic, multi-layer boards, contour cutting and other industries.


What Material Can the Laser Handle?


















Optional Items

Water Cooling Laser Head

Cool lens and reflect mirrors during high power and mass production cutting,prolong the parts lifetime .

Dynamic Following System

When the materials are uneven, the machine can detect their height and automatically adjust the focus distance.

CCD Edge Recognition System

Automatic Nesting + Auto Scanning+ Auto position recognition, or cutting printed images such as logos and photographs on t-shirts, etc.

Big Air Pump

Make sure the cutting effect is fine and smooth when the machine needs to cut really thick wood or acrylic.

Model BE-DK1325PH
One Time Max Processing Size ≥1250X2450mm
Laser Power 100W/120W/150W/180W/300W/450W
Max Loading Width Hermetic and Detached Co2 Laser Tube
Machine Weight 1500KG
Max Moving Speed 0-60000mm/min
Max Cutting Speed 0-12000mm/min
Best Cutting Speed 1mm/s-180mm/s
Speed Control 0-100% (No Period Control)
Max Cutting Depth 30mm (Cutting Acrylic)
Mechanical Ratio 0.025mm<
Laser Power Control Software Control /Manual Control (Optional )
Laser Tube Cooling Industrial Water Cooling
Repeat Location Accuracy ±0.1mm
Power AC220V/50HZ ±15 50hz(optional 220v,60hz or 110v/60hz)
Driving Servo Motor Drive ,Y Axis Dual Drive+X Axis Ball Screw Transmission
Support Graphics Mode BMP DST PLT DXF AI DWG
Operating Temperature 0℃-45℃
Machine Size Dimension 2100X3600X1200mm
Machine Power 2500w (150w Laser Device )

Cutting Parameters

Materials Thickness 300w Cutting Data 150w–180w Cutting Data
Cutting Speed Best Cutting Speed Cutting Speed
  Acrylic 3mm 80-100mm/s 80mm/s 40-60mm/s
5mm 40-50mm/s 40mm/s 20-28mm/s
8mm 20-25mm/s 20mm/s 10-15mm/s
15mm 8-12mm/s 8mm/s 2-4mm/s
20mm 5-7mm/s 4mm/s 1-1.5mm/s
30mm 2-3mm/s 2mm/s 0.6-1mm/s
Note: Above Speed is just for you as reference, fastest cutting speed affected by materials, environment, voltage, etc. Best Cutting Speed is reference for the new laser tubes which ensure the best cutting effect.

Package and Shipment

Model Package Size Gross Weight
BE-DK1325GH 3620×2140m×1250m, 9.68CBM 1500KG

Inside layer is covered by thickening PE film and foam for waterproof.

Middle layer is covered by foam to protect the machine from shaking

Outside is with fumigated Wooden Box which comply with export standard

  • Marcley

    Post a review on Aug 21, 2022 From Bolivia

    Just received the machine. I watched the training video and tried to make it start. Very patient and helpful after-sales service. The operation of the equipment is also very simple, and I got it working quickly.

  • Arthur Zonneveld

    Post a review on Fec 21, 2022 From Mauritius

    The delivery very fast. The after-sales service is really awesome.

    Machine works much much faster than others.Acrylic cutting smooth.

  • Nicolas Vazquez

    Post a review on jul 21, 2022 From Uruguay

    Perfect on cutting wood. The machine has high precision and can completely achieve the effect I need. The seller’s service is very good. The technician guide and teach the operation online, which is really helpful.


    Post a review on Oct 10, 2022 From Venezuela

    The laser cutting machine has been used for 3 months. The cutting effect is very good, and I am satisfied with it. I will buy another one soon.

  • Ayman Azabyuinot Sierra

    Post a review on May 11, 2022 From Saudi Arabia

    The machine can cut all nonmetal material, and it is very precise, the error very small. It is worth it!

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