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Why UV Laser Marking Machine Can Engrave on Glass?

Why UV Laser Marking Machine Can Engrave on Glass?

Glass is an amorphous inorganic non-metallic material with good transparency and chemical stability, and is widely used in daily life, such as various glassware, tableware, cups, plates and other glass daily necessities and decorations; Exquisite art glass, vases, artificial glass gems; and extremely common light bulbs, lamp tubes, displays etc. In addition, glass is often seen in architectural windows and the outer packaging of food and wine products.

Considering the practicality and aesthetics, we need do engraving on the glass surface, such as patterns, signs, logo, letters, words, characters…But one questions that glass is very fragile, so how to do high precision engraving on glass with glass keeping in good condition?

UV laser marking technology makes up for the shortcomings of traditional marking, such as low processing accuracy, difficult drawing, damage to work pieces, and environmental pollution.

UV laser’s wavelength 355nm, which belongs to cold laser, which is suitable for high sensitive materials marking, and do not damage the glass surface. The special sensitive materials have a better absorption rate for UV laser. The small wavelength proves that it has a small beam spot and can achieve fine marking requirements for glass products.

UV laser marking machine is also called UV laser engraving machine, which is green, environmental friendly, no need inks or other consumables, high precision processing and free of maintenance. UV laser marking machine can engrave on various types of glass bottles plates and become a processing tool used in various wine glasses, craft gifts and other industries.


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